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6 Benefits of Mango for Babies

When the baby is six months old, you need to prepare complementary foods to meet your baby’s nutritional needs. Complementary foods are generally in the form of meat, vegetables and fruits. Mama can make fruit as a snack for your little one between meals.

However, do you know that mango is one of the recommended fruits to be given to your little one? Reporting from Mom Junction, babies who are eight months old can eat mangoes.

Mango is a fruit that is high in fiber so it is suitable for consumption by babies whose digestive systems are not working optimally. What are the other benefits of mangoes for baby health? Here are six benefits of mangoes for babies, which are summarized Popmama.com from Mom Junction.

1. Educate the brain

1. Educate the brain

Unsplash / Hotchicksing

Mango contains vitamin B6 which can repair cell tissue in the brain while maintaining the health of your little one’s brain. If the baby has a healthy brain, then this condition affects the intelligence of the little one.

Vitamin B6 can also be processed into the energy needed by babies to do activities and optimize their growth. In addition, the glutamine acid content in mangoes can improve the baby’s memory and concentration.

2. Smooth digestive system

2. Smooth digestive system

Unsplash / Phoenix Han

As previously explained, the baby’s digestive system has not been able to work optimally so that your little one is prone to constipation. Therefore, mango is one of the recommended fruits for your little one.

Mango contains biochemicals and a number of enzymes such as terpenes, amylases, esters and aldehydes which are beneficial for the digestive health of babies. Amylase enzymes are able to break down large foods so that they are easily absorbed by the baby’s intestine. The fiber content in mangoes can also prevent constipation as well as provide a feeling of fullness to the baby.

Therefore, you should give mangoes as a snack between your baby’s main meal. This aims to prevent the baby from feeling too full due to consuming mangoes.

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3. Maintain eye health

3. Maintain eye health

Pexels / Anna Shvets

Mango also contains vitamin A, the antioxidant lutein, and zeaxanthin which is beneficial for baby’s eye health. Babies who regularly eat mangoes can avoid the risk of vision problems due to sun exposure when they grow up.

4. Increase the immunity of the baby’s body

4. Increase the immunity of the baby's body

Freepik / dusanpetkovic

One of the nutrients that babies need is vitamin C which is useful for building immunity. Mango is a fruit that contains vitamin C and antioxidants that can increase the baby’s immunity. So, babies can avoid infection with germs and bacteria.

The content of vitamin A in mangoes can also prevent babies from becoming infected with measles. So, this fruit is suitable for consumption by babies, especially during a pandemic like now so that your little one is not susceptible to disease.

5. Prevent cancer early

5. Prevent cancer early

Freepik / jcomp

Based on health research, mangoes contain more beta carotene than other fruits. Beta carotene is a carotenoid that can protect the baby’s body from free radical attack. So, mangoes can protect your little one’s body from cancer and heart disease from an early age.

6. Prevent anemia

6. Prevent anemia

Freepik / Stockking

The last benefit of mango for baby health is preventing anemia. Mango does contain iron and vitamin K which prevents babies from developing anemia.

The iron content in mangoes is not as much as other fruits. However, the vitamin C content in mangoes is able to optimize the absorption of iron in the little one’s intestines so that babies avoid anemia.

Behind the many benefits of mangoes for the health of your little one, there are several conditions that prevent babies from consuming mangoes, one of which is allergies. The signs of a baby experiencing allergies after consuming mangoes are the appearance of a rash on the skin and under the mouth.

Therefore, you need to consult your doctor first if you are in doubt about giving mangoes as baby solids.

Those are the six benefits of mangoes for babies. Hopefully it can be an alternative fruit for your little one, Ma.

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