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5 Health Benefits of Leunca, Overcome Headaches to Prevent Cancer

5 Health Benefits of Leunca, Overcome Headaches to Prevent CancerLeunca illustration. © Flickr / Clay Irving

Merdeka.com – Small round shape and green, leunca is one type of vegetable that is still included in the eggplant tribe. Has a Latin name Solanum nigrum, leunca is often used as an additional ingredient in vegetables typical of the Sundanese people.

Even though it has a bitter taste, leunca contains many nutrients that are useful for supporting body health. Leunca is known to contain vitamin A, iron, vitamin C, vitamin B1, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, and so on.

With a variety of nutrients contained in it, it is no wonder that this vegetable is considered to be able to overcome various problems in health, one of which is to prevent cancer.

Taking leunca will certainly be very good for your body. And to consume it, you can process leunca into various dishes. Here are some of the benefits of leunca which have been summarized from liputan6.com.

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