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5 Benefits of Volleyball, Beautiful Athlete Sabina Altynbekova


Volleyball is classified as a sport that is popular with many people and is easy to do. This game only requires a large ball and net as equipment. One team contains 6 players.

One of the famous volleyball athletes is Sabina Altynbekovas. This woman from Kazakhstan became a hot topic some time ago because of her beauty, and recently became a byword for ending her single life.

Here are 5 benefits of volleyball quoted from various sources:

1. Effectively burn calories

Playing volleyball can affect the amount of body fat and overall muscle ratio. Playing volleyball for 45 minutes turns out to burn 585 calories and lose weight significantly.

This exercise also has the potential to reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.

Sabina AltynbekovaSabina Altynbekova reportedly ended her single period. Photo: Doc. Instagram @ altynbekova_20

2. Increase muscle strength

Physical activity in playing volleyball will strengthen your upper body, arms and shoulders, and thigh and lower leg muscles. Playing volleyball can also tone and strengthen the cardiovascular system in the heart and respiratory system.

3. Affects the body’s metabolism

Volleyball affects the body’s metabolic rate and improves hand-eye coordination for quick reflexes. Just like other types of physical activity, volleyball can improve mental health as well as bone and joint health.

Sabina AltynbekovaVolleyball athlete Sabina Altynbekova became a byword for her beauty. Photo: Instagram

4. Improve mood

Success at playing volleyball can promote a good mood and reduce stress levels. Cooperation in a team also increases self-confidence to keep trying to do the best.

5. Train physically stronger

The energy expended during volleyball is the same as when we are jogging. Playing volleyball for 20 minutes is the same as jogging for 1.6 km.

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