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5 Benefits of Lime for Ulcer, Effective and Easy to Do

5 Benefits of Lime for Ulcer, Effective and Easy to DoIllustration of lime. © Pixabay

Merdeka.com – It has yellow characteristics, contains a lot of water, and also has a sour taste, maybe this is what can describe lime. You may often use lime to release thirst during the day, by mixing in a glass of ice water. This freshness is guaranteed to make your eyes fresh again.

In addition, lime has also been frequently used as a cooking ingredient and can eliminate the fishy smell that is in fish. Not only that, the excess of lime can also be used as a medicine for various diseases. The most commonly practiced is mixing lime juice with a spoonful of soy sauce. It is believed that some people can relieve coughs.

Please note, the fact is that lime can also overcome stomach problems such as ulcers. It may sound inconclusive. Because some people think that the sour taste of lime will only aggravate the problematic stomach condition.

For those of you who are currently having an ulcer, here we provide tips and a summary for overcoming it with the benefits of lime to overcome it, which has been reported by Brilio.

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