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5 Benefits of Lake for Life, Can Improve Water Quality

5 Benefits of Lake for Life, Can Improve Water QualityLake illustration. © 2013 Merdeka.com/Shutterstock/Boris Ryaposov

Merdeka.com – Lakes are man-made natural phenomena that have an important role for life. This lake is a large land basin that contains or holds large amounts of water. In the rainy season, the lake usually holds rainwater from entering and causing flooding in residents’ settlements.

No wonder, in big cities like Jakarta, lake maintenance is an important thing to do. This is done so that the lake remains normal, free of litter, and can function optimally to prevent the risk of annual flooding that usually occurs. Not only ensuring that the lake is free of waste, the government often dredges the lake so that it has a greater capacity.

Apart from preventing floods, there are several benefits of lakes that are no less important for life. Lakes are known to have an important role in providing clean water reserves, resources for generating electricity, and recreational benefits that can be enjoyed by the general public.

The many benefits of lakes for human life can be a reason for people to start to preserve and clean the environment around the lake. Not littering in the middle or on the banks of the lake is one concrete action that can save environmental health.

In addition, knowing a more complete explanation of some of the benefits of lakes for the following life, can open your eyes to start taking real actions in protecting the environment. Reporting from the Lakehomes website, here we summarize some of the benefits of lakes for life that you need to know.

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