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5 Benefits of Kedondong for Pregnant Women, Can Improve Skin Health

5 Benefits of Kedondong for Pregnant Women, Can Improve Skin HealthKedondong illustration. © Wikimedia Commons / Anagoria

Merdeka.com – Kedondong, a fruit that has this taste is quite popular in the community. The fruit, whose scientific name is Respondias Dulcis, is often used as salad or processed into pickles. Its refreshing taste makes this fruit, which is easily found in tropical areas, is very popular with all people.

This yellowish green fruit is a source of fiber needed by the body. Behind the sour and refreshing taste, kedondong fruit has several ingredients that are useful for maintaining a healthy body and preventing various diseases.

Launching from Healthbenefit, kedondong fruit contains vitamins C, B, and A which are needed by the body. In addition, this fruit also contains important minerals such as iron and phosphorus which are good for young pregnant women to consume. Even so, kedondong fruit can cause pregnancy problems if consumed in excess.

So, what are the benefits of kedondong for pregnant women? Check out the independent reports from Healthbenefit following:

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