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5 Benefits of Ablution for Daily Life, Muslims Must Know

5 Benefits of Ablution for Daily Life, Muslims Must KnowIllustration of ablution. © Pixabay

Merdeka.com – Every Muslim who wants to pray, is advised to perform ablution first. Apart from being a prerequisite for prayer and several other acts of worship, it turns out that ablution also has various benefits that are good for daily life. Therefore, every Muslim is advised to always maintain his wudhu when he is about to pray.

Launch from NU On line, Ablution is obligatory if you want to pray, tawaf, i’tikaf, and read or hold the Koran. Thus, wudu occupies an important position in worship. In fact, the validity of a worship depends on the way of wudhu.

Wudu does not only function as a means to clean minor hadats. However, ablution also has many virtues and benefits for everyday life. Not surprisingly, the Prophet Muhammad SAW always advised every Muslim to always pay attention to his wudhu.

So, what are the benefits of ablution for everyday life? Check out the reviews quoted from NU Online:

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