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40 Benefits and Benefits of Peaches for Health, Beauty and Side Effects

Benefits of Peaches – Peach or fruit peach is a fruit which is a genus of bushes. In Egypt, this fruit is also called Khukh which has the Latin name prunus persica. This fruit plant comes from China which has been around 2000 BC. As time went by and many people learned about the benefits of peaches, there was trade between countries. Thus, peach seedlings have spread to several countries such as Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Turkey, Iran, America and North Africa.

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Now many are selling peach seedlings that can even be obtained online. This fruit has a sweet taste, but a bit tart, you can say like the taste of mango fruit. The color of the fruit is reddish yellow. When ripe or old, most of them are red. The aroma of the fruit is fragrant and has a hard seed. Before knowing the benefits of peaches, also know the content of peaches.

Nutritional and Nutritional Content of Peaches:

The benefits of peaches, of course, cannot be separated from their content. This fruit contains many nutrients and nutrients needed by the body. Not only improves health, but can also enhance the beauty of anyone who uses it. The following is the nutritional content of peaches per 100 g of fruit:

  • Energy 165 kJ (39 kcal)
  • Carbs 9.5 g
  • Sugar 8.4 g
  • Food fiber 1.5 g
  • Fat 0.3 g
  • Protein 0.9 g
  • Vitamin A 16 μg
  • Vitamin C 6.6 g
  • Iron 0.25 mg
  • Potassium 190 mg
  • Beta carotene
  • Carotenoids
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K

Health Benefits of Peaches:

As a fruit that contains vitamin A, we can find out that there are so many benefits of peaches. Moreover, the high enough vitamin C content can provide several health effects at once. Here are the benefits of peaches for health:

1. Maintain heart health

Rich in iron and vitamin K, the fruit for this diet helps keep the heart healthy. Vitamin K prevents blood clots, thus providing protection against several heart diseases. So, eating peaches regularly can make your heart healthier and stronger against several diseases.

2. Blood circulation

The iron in this natural fruit is needed for the formation of red blood cells. In the end, make blood healthy and prevent anemia caused by iron deficiency. Apart from that, this fruit also contains potassium, an electrolyte that regulates blood pressure and maintains fluid balance.

3. Anticancer

Peaches are high in antioxidants, especially chlorogenic acid, which is concentrated in the skin and flesh of the fruit, which are known to have anti-cancer properties. This benefit of peaches is also because they are a good source of vitamin A which provides protection against the lungs and oral cavity against cancer.

4. As a natural detox

The next benefit of peaches is to help remove toxins from the body system. The high potassium and fiber content reduces the risk of inflammatory pain and kidney-related diseases. In China, peach tea is used as a natural remedy for cleansing and detoxifying the kidneys.

5. Stress Relief

In Hungary, the benefits of peaches are said to provide calm because of their ability to relieve stress and anxiety. It helps in restoring peace of mind and the flowers are very beneficial for treating anxiety. You can grow it at home by buying it from a plant shop that sells peach seeds. Prices for peaches start at tens of thousands, depending on the quality of the fruit.

Other Health Benefits of Peaches:

6. Lowering high blood pressure

7. Prevent and treat anemia

8. Lowering high cholesterol levels

9. Prevent and treat heartburn

10. Cure intestinal disorders

11. Eliminate parasitic worms in the stomach

12. Treating colitis

13. Cure gastritis

14. Helps lose weight

15. Relieves gout and rheumatism

16. Dismiss tumor growth

17. Fight diabetes due to obesity

18. Overcoming bronchitis

19. Treating cough

20. Healthy lungs

21. Smooth digestion process

22. Maintain healthy teeth

23. Healthy bones

24. Good for pregnancy

25. Prevent brain disorders

How to Use Peaches for Health:

You can take advantage of peaches by eating the fruit directly. Or if you want it to be fresher, making it into juice can quench your thirst as well as provide the peach properties on top. You must consume regularly every day.

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Benefits of Peaches for Beauty:

There are several nutritional content of peaches that are also beneficial for beauty. Here are the properties that you will get:

1. Overcoming dry skin problems

Regular consumption of peaches is good for the skin and very beneficial for those of you with dry skin problems. Apart from that, peach juice can also be applied to the skin for glowing skin. Peach juice is good not only for dry skin but also for oily skin.

2. Prevent the appearance of signs of premature aging

Another beauty benefit of peaches is the ability to prevent signs of premature aging. The benefits of peaches are mainly due to the presence of antioxidants such as vitamin C and other antioxidant compounds, flavonoids. These antioxidants fight free radicals from the body.

3. Protects from Harmful UV Rays

Harmful UV rays can cause major damage to the skin and make it appear lifeless. So, the most important step towards healthy skin is protecting it from this radiation. This fruit has many nutrients that minimize sun damage.

4. Prevents Hair Loss

Vitamin A deficiency can cause a disease called follicular hyperkeratosis (deposition of keratin protein around hair). Peach can be beneficial for this disease, because it has enough vitamin A. Hair loss can also be treated with this fruit through daily consumption or even by application on the scalp as a mask. You can get the maximum benefits of peaches by applying these two methods.

Peach is good not only for hair but also for the scalp. The benefits of peach are often used in hair masks to treat various scalp problems. Applying its fruit paste on the scalp can cleanse and also provide proper nourishment for the hair and scalp.

Benefits of Peaches for Other Beauty:

6. Prevent acne

7. Prevent blackheads

8. Reducing the risk of skin cancer

9. Moisturizes the skin

10. Brighten the skin

11. Helps heal wounds

12. Tighten skin pores

13. Moisturizes hair

How to Use Peaches for Beauty:

In order to get the benefits and properties of peaches, you can apply this fruit mask to your skin or hair. Take enough peach, then grow it gently and apply it to the skin or hair. Leave it for 10-15 minutes to soak it in. After that, rinse thoroughly. Apply regularly and get the results.

Peaches Side Effects:

Behind the benefits of peaches, there are still side effects. Peach side effects or bad effects can occur due to excessive consumption of the fruit. Here are some of the side effects:

  • Causes shortness of breath
  • Urticaria
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Bronchial constriction

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Excessive use of peaches should be avoided. In addition, it is better for someone with certain conditions to consult a doctor before consuming it. Especially when combined with chemical drugs. For those who are healthy, you can start eating this fruit regularly. The price of peaches is not too expensive and you can get them at malls or online marketplaces. In addition, fruits that are good for the diet and fruits for pregnant women are peaches.