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4 Ways to Make a Coffee Mask for Black Spots, Easily Without Side Effects

4 Ways to Make a Coffee Mask for Black Spots, Easily Without Side Effects


12 Dec 2020, By Editors

4 Ways to Make a Coffee Mask for Black Spots, Easily Without Side EffectsIllustration of coffee mask with honey. (freepik.com)

Kabarsiger.com – The face is a part of the body that needs more care. Because sometimes facial skin problems are not just acne, blackheads, or excess oil. But also black spots. These black spots make the facial appearance unattractive and look old.

Both men and women, these black spots often make many people feel inferior about appearing in public. Black spots can usually appear due to excess melanin production in the skin. In addition, there are also many causes of black spots on the face, such as sun exposure, acne scars, inflammation, consumption of drugs, or hormonal changes.

Of course, there are various ways you can do to get rid of black spots. One of them with natural ingredients with coffee. Coffee has long been known to be rich in nutrients, ranging from vitamin B2, vitamin B5, manganese, and magnesium.

With a lot of nutritional content, it is known that coffee can prevent the appearance of wrinkles and black spots on the face. Because antioxidants such as flavonoids and polyphenols in coffee can protect the skin from free radicals that trigger signs of aging.

You can also use a coffee mask for a scrub that is easy to make and without side effects. Like what do you make?

Well, for those of you who are looking for ways to get rid of black spots naturally, here are 4 ways to make a coffee mask for black spots, as summarized by Kabarsiger from various sources, Saturday (12/12/2020).

1. Coffee mask without mixed ingredients.

Black coffee powder is commonly used for scrubs on the face because it removes dead skin cells and dirt on the face. So that the skin looks soft and moisturized. You can use this coffee mask on your face one to two times a week.

How to use it, namely, prepare black coffee powder, then pour it with hot water. Wait for the coffee to cool, until the dregs settle to the bottom. Then use coffee grounds for a mask by applying to the face. Let stand 20 minutes, then rinse your face with clean water.

2. Coffee and olive oil mask.

The second way, you can combine coffee grounds with olive oil. Prepare the two ingredients, use a ratio of one to one. Then apply it to your face in a circular motion. Let the mask soak into the skin, wait about 15 to 60 minutes. After that, just rinse your face with warm water. To get maximum results you can use it at least twice a week.

3. Black coffee and rose water mask.

Many coffee blends can be used to get rid of dark spots. Apart from olive oil, you can also use a mixture of coffee and rose water. Rose water can remove dirt on the skin, treat acne, blackheads and excess oil.

To make this mask you can prepare a mixture of 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds and 2 tablespoons of rose water to a container. Then stir the ingredients and apply on the face thoroughly. Let stand 30 minutes. Then rinse your face with warm water.

4. Coffee and honey mask.

Coffee which can be used as a scrub can be combined with honey, which provides natural nutrients in the skin. The benefits of honey come from its antioxidant content so that it can brighten the skin, especially black spots due to acne scars.

How to make a coffee and honey mask is very easy. Namely, prepare enough black coffee powder and 3 tablespoons of natural unsalted honey. Mix the two ingredients, until they are like pasta dough. Then apply the mask evenly on the face. Let stand for 30-60 minutes or until it feels stiff and tight on the face.