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4 Unexpected Benefits of Deep Sleep

KOMPAS.com – Sleep is one of the basic human needs. Based on the body cycle or circadian rhythm, the body needs time to rest by sleeping.

Even though it is a necessity, many people underestimate sleep. Sleep is often seen as an easy thing to do.

In fact, in fact, sleep problems now attack many people in the world. Yes, many people find it difficult to sleep well and enough time.

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Chronic or persistent sleep disturbances can lead to more dangerous health problems. Body functions can decrease or can trigger other diseases.

Apart from preventing various diseases, getting enough sleep also provides many benefits for the body.

There are at least 4 great benefits that we can get from quality sleep. Anything?

1. Strengthen memory

In comparison, people who sleep poorly at night tend to be more forgetful than people who sleep well.

Good quality sleep at night is very good for strengthening memory.

In a study in Singapore, students who took naps had better memory skills.

2. The mood is better

It’s no secret that getting enough sleep makes us wake up excited. Our moods tend to be better too.

This is also evidenced in the research of students in Singapore.

“Interestingly, students who slept during the day and at night were more alert, had better memory and had a better mood than those who slept for 6.5 hours continuously,” said researcher and neurologist Michael Chee, reported by Science Alert. , Friday (1/2/2019).

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Reports that are published in the journal Sleep The 12 February 2019 issue reminds us that sleeping alternately – day and night – does have many positive effects.

3. Accelerate healing

Have you ever wondered why the medicines your doctor gives you when you are sick cause drowsiness? Or why when sick we feel weak and constantly sleepy?

Scientists from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania managed to uncover the secret.

Their findings, published in the journal Science, show that there is a single gene that increases the need for sleep when sick.

This gene was later called nemuri. This nemuri protein fights germs with its inherent antimicrobial activity and is secreted by brain cells to induce prolonged deep sleep after infection.

This means that sleep will help the body to recover from illness faster.

4. Reducing the rate of aging

In his writing on Kompas.com, sleep health expert Dr. Andreas Prasadja said that sleep is the best way to reduce the body’s aging rate.

“During sleep, the whole body removes all harmful substances and replaces them with various substances or hormones that are important for body regeneration,” wrote Andreas.

“Repair of body cells occurs optimally only during sleep,” he said.

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