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4 benefits of giving insulation to a betta fish container

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – In the process of keeping a large number of betta fish in different containers, each betta fish owner needs to insulate the outside of the aquarium or the tank for the betta.

The partition in question is a barrier or barrier that can be made of paper, cardboard, or anything that is placed outside the jar or solitary betta fish on the right and left sides.

Considering that Betta fish are territorial animals, aka have a territory of authority, giving a bulkhead to the container aims to keep them from constantly clashing with other Betta fish that are placed side by side.

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When Betta fish keep fighting because they are not provided with insulation, this makes them tired and stressed because they always see their opponent, which in turn results in death.

In addition to preventing fighting, providing a bulkhead for the Betta fish container also provides good benefits for Betta fish.

Judging from the Youtube Cupang Metal account, Tuesday, (12/15/2020), there are 4 benefits that betta fish get when their containers are partitioned, including the following.

1. Mentally train your Betta fish

The first benefit of insulation is to mentally train your betta fish. Because Betta fish are territorial fish, actually in the wild they have their own territorial areas.

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Now, with the barriers in each betta fish container, betta fish automatically feel they are in their own territory because they don’t see the existence of other betta fish that are actually beside them.

This makes them mentally grow up well because they are not too used to seeing another hickey trigger the fight.

2. Maximizing the tail opening of the Betta fish

The second function of the betta fish bulkhead is to maximize the fish tail opening. In this case, you need to open the bulkhead for the betta fish for up to 15 minutes a day, so that they get the fighting time they need.

The ornamental betta fish that Aldy cultivates are increasingly in demand.  Market demand has already penetrated Jakarta and Sumatra. KOMPAS.COM/AAM AMINULLAH The ornamental betta fish that Aldy cultivates are increasingly in demand. Market demand has already penetrated Jakarta and Sumatra.

When a betta is hooked into battle at the right time, it maximizes not the tail of the fish. If your betta fish’s tail opening is less than 180 degrees, this could possibly be up to 180 degrees.

Betta fish that fight for the specified time can train the muscles in the fish’s fins, so that the tail will continue to expand.

3. Prevent buds

Bud is a term used by betta fish lovers regarding the condition of a problematic betta fish’s tail, such as torn, damaged, curled or won’t bloom. The point is that the tail of the hickey looks bad.

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Usually there are betta fish that, although healthy, because they rarely compete, make their tails fold. When the bulkhead is opened, the betta fish will compete optimally, they are healthy because they practice every day so that they don’t make their tails bud.

4. Maintain the health of your betta fish

Opening the bulkhead for 15 minutes on your betta fish’s container can keep your betta fish healthy by giving them time to fight.

Betta fish that fight or the term ngendok can be considered as a sport. When you open your betta fish’s bulkhead regularly for 15 minutes a day, they will be healthier.