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4 Benefits of beluntas leaves as a herbal remedy for body odor to reduce fever

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Beluntas leaves are wild plants that are popular in the world of herbal health. These are the benefits of beluntas leaves as a herbal medicine to get rid of body odor to treat fever.

Beluntas, wild plants that live in dry and rocky areas. Some people use beluntas as a hedge plant.

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Don’t be surprised, beluntas plants can grow to 2 meters. Quoting Setiawan Dalimartha’s book Altas Tanaman Medicinal Indonesia, the character of the beluntas plant has many branches with short-stemmed leaves.

Beluntas leaves are bright green and give off a distinctive aroma when crushed. Eel leaves have a bitter taste.

Apart from being a hedge, beluntas is also known as a medicinal plant. The parts most widely used as herbal medicine are the leaves and roots of beluntas.

Beluntas leaves contain quite a lot of active compounds such as alkanoids, flavonoids, tannins, essential oils, chlorogenic acids, sodium, potassium, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Meanwhile, beluntas root contains flavonoids and tannins.

Containing active compounds that are good for health, beluntas leaves and roots are believed to be able to treat a number of certain diseases.

Beluntas leaves as herbal medicine

Beluntas leaves are oval in shape with a sharp tip. Beluntas leaves have a distinctive aroma and bitter taste when eaten.

Containing many active compounds, beluntas leaves are often used as herbal medicine. Here are the benefits of beluntas leaves in the world of herbal medicine that you should know.

1. Drug body odor

Quoting from a book entitled The Smart Book of Medicinal Plants: 431 Types of Plants Combating Various Diseases, beluntas leaves are effective in treating bad breath and eliminating the smell of sweat.

Beluntas leaves do have a distinctive aroma when crushed. Do you want to try it? You crush the raw or steamed beluntas leaves.

After that, you eat the beluntas leaves directly or make salad.

2. Medicine for fever

Have a fever? If you don’t want to take chemical medicine, you can drink beluntas leaf boiled water.

Beluntas leaves are antipyretic which means fever reliever. To make this herbal cough medicine you only need to prepare 15 grams of beluntas leaves and water.

3. Indigestion drugs

Beluntas leaves contain essential oils. Based on research conducted by Atik Erawati, the 1992 Faculty of Pharmacy UGM, 20% beluntas leaf oil content can inhibit the growth of Escherechia coli which causes digestive disorders.

You wash the beluntas leaves thoroughly then boil them until they boil. You drink beluntas leaf boiled water while warm.

4. Medication for menstrual pain

Some women feel pain in the stomach during menstruation. Although natural, the pain is quite disturbing and even makes it difficult for sufferers to move.

Quoting from Tribunnews.com, beluntas leaves are efficacious as a menstrual pain reliever. How to mix this herbal concoction is quite easy, you boil 20 pieces of beluntas leaves with salt and tamarind.

After boiling, you drink the concoction while warm. You can drink beluntas leaves regularly when the pain comes.

It’s a good idea to take the herbal medicine beluntas leaves according to the dosage, aka not excessive.

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