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4 Benefits of Alum for Beauty, Help Overcome Body Odor

4 Benefits of Alum for Beauty, Help Overcome Body OdorBody odor illustration. © Shutterstock / Yuri Arcurs

Merdeka.com – Alum is one of the ingredients commonly used for household purposes such as purifying water. Alum is a transparent salt crystal that dissolves in water. Not only used to purify water, it turns out that alum can also be used for beauty treatments.

Launch from Fimela, alum has the chemical formula KAL (SO4) 2 12H20 with a sour and slightly sweet taste. In addition, alum also has various types such as potassium alum, soda alum, ammonium alum, and aluminum alum. Even so, the type of alum that is most widely used is potassium alum.

There are so many benefits of alum that can be used for beauty treatments, one of which is eliminating body odor. Although it is not toxic, it should be used in small amounts to avoid the risk of side effects on the skin.

Not only eliminating body odor, there are various benefits of alum for beauty. Following are the benefits of alum for treatment that merdeka.com summarizes from Fimela:

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