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3 Stress-Free Ways to Parenting on Vacation at Home

The second activity is a parenting webinar with the theme ‘How to be happy and a healthy mom’ in collaboration with a psychologist from Brawijaya Hospital, Yasmine Nur Edwina, M.Psi. There are many things that trigger stress, ranging from expectations of yourself and demands from the environment.

If you experience stress, there are many things that can happen, such as being easily irritated by emotions, often feeling guilty and not believing in your abilities as a mother, and not enjoying the process of caring for and interacting with children. It is necessary for mothers who are happy and healthy to feel more capable in childcare, positive interactions with children and well-maintained families.

And things that are always awaited and make mothers smile even brighter are the Mother’s Day Special which provides discounts of up to 30% for certain products and Mother’s Day Gift Hampers. There are 3 choices of special hampers, namely, the Mum-to-be Gift Set, the product needed by prospective mothers who are pregnant, the New Mum Gift Set for mothers and children from 0 – 6 months and the Breastfeeding Gift Set that supports breastfeeding mothers with children aged 0 – 2 years.

For the convenience and safety of customers in shopping in the midst of the current pandemic situation, all Mothercare outlets enforce strict health protocols in accordance with government recommendations. In addition, Mothercare also provides online shopping options such as the Chat to Shop shopping service via WhatsApp at +622129181155, the mothercare.co.id website or the Mothercare Official Store marketplace.