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18 surprising benefits of black honey!

In fact, not all honey has a sweet taste and a clear brownish color. There are other types of honey out there that are black and taste bitter. Even though it seems less attractive to enjoy, the benefits of black honey are truly extraordinary.

From its bitter taste, we must have guessed that the sugar content of the honey produced by wild bees is only a little. This is because the wild bees like to suck various bitter-tasting plants such as Rubber Cassava Flowers, Paitan, Pelawan, Kaliandra, and Mahogany. In Indonesia, honey, which is often called propolis, is often found in forests in the Kalimantan, Sumbawa, and Bangka Belitung regions.

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18 Benefits of Black Honey You Need to Know

So what are the amazing benefits of black honey? There are at least eighteen:

  1. Helps the healing process
  2. Rich in antioxidants
  3. Boosts the immune system
  4. Lowering blood sugar levels
  5. Recover lost stamina
  6. Minimizing the symptoms of gout
  7. Lowers cholesterol
  8. Neutralizes stomach acid
  9. Heals ulcers
  10. Helps liver function
  11. Strengthens the kidneys
  12. Prevent heart problems
  13. Get rid of insomnia
  14. Help with a diet program
  15. Cure respiratory problems
  16. Allergy medicine
  17. Treat sore throat
  18. Good for skin health

From each of the points above, let’s look at the explanation below.

Helps the healing process

The first benefit of black honey is that it can accelerate the healing process of various diseases and wounds, from mild to severe, such as stroke, for example. This is thanks to its high vitamin C content. You just need to drink 3 tablespoons every day on a regular basis if you want to get well quickly. And for wounds, simply apply black honey to the scratched area.

Rich in antioxidants

As we all know that antioxidants are very useful for warding off free radicals that can trigger premature aging and dangerous diseases such as cancer. Besides being rich in antioxidants, black honey also contains anti-viral and anti-bacterial agents making it suitable to be used to protect the body from various harmful bacteria and viruses.

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Boosts the immune system

The presence of high levels of antioxidants, anti-virus, anti-bacteria, and vitamin C certainly helps the immune system so that the body becomes stronger and doesn’t fall sick easily. In addition, black honey can also detoxify the body from toxins or poisons. The body is not only healthy, but also odor free thanks to propolis.

Lowering blood sugar levels

As mentioned earlier, the low sugar content in black honey makes it good for consumption by diabetics. Another reason, black honey can also reduce blood sugar levels. In addition to diabetes sufferers, those with hypertension or anemia can also feel the benefits of black honey to help speed up the healing process.

Recover lost stamina

If you want to feel refreshed after a strenuous activity, don’t take cold drinks or sugary foods. Try consuming black honey which not only recovers lost stamina, but also one’s sexual desire.

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Minimizing the symptoms of gout

The next benefits of black honey can definitely comfort those of you who are prone to gout. By consuming pure black honey regularly, the symptoms of gout can be minimized so that they don’t interfere with your health and activities.

Lowers cholesterol

Not only uric acid is propolis ready to fight, but bad cholesterol too. You just have to mix honey with other herbal ingredients that contain the compound Sinamaldehyde. The properties of compounds that are anti-platelet aggregation and vasolidator can shed cholesterol that sticks or clots in blood vessels.

Neutralizes stomach acid

After entering the body, the benefits of black honey will neutralize stomach acid so you don’t have to worry if you want to eat acidic or hot foods.

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Heals ulcers

Because stomach acid is neutral, black honey can automatically be used to treat stomach disorders such as ulcers. You no longer need to take ulcer drugs, just choose propolis as a natural remedy.

Helps liver function

It is not only the stomach that will thank you if you consume propolis, but the liver as well. Yes, black honey can actually strengthen the liver so that it can work optimally.

Strengthens the kidneys

Just like the liver, the kidneys will get new benefits and strength if you consume black honey regularly. Besides consuming honey, drink lots of water.

Prevent heart problems

The benefits of black honey on this one are mediated by its high antioxidant content. Antioxidants make black honey protect body cells from damage so that oxygen supply to the brain is not inhibited and heart problems can be avoided.

Get rid of insomnia

For those of you who have trouble sleeping, try to feel the properties of black honey that are suitable for you. In order to improve and improve sleep quality, consume black honey regularly every day, especially before going to bed.

Help with a diet program

Although it can increase appetite, black honey takes a long time to digest properly. This makes the stomach feel full for longer so it is suitable for those of you who are looking to lose weight.

Cure respiratory problems

The benefits of black honey are not only able to clean the lungs from deposited toxins, but also have the power to reduce asthma attacks, and eliminate the tendency to snore during sleep.

Allergy medicine

Those of you who are prone to allergies must also prove the benefits of black honey in strengthening the body’s immunity. Honey will improve your immune system so that it can minimize hypersensitivity or allergic reactions.

Treat sore throat

Again, anti-bacterial properties play an important role in this. To be able to prove the benefits of black honey on this one, when sore throat strikes, add 2 teaspoons of honey tea to the drink that is consumed, whether it’s water or tea so that the interference will disappear immediately.

Honey can also relieve coughs, read more here: Traditional Cough Medicine Proven Effective

Good for skin health

When used as a mask, black honey can actually fade black spots and acne, and is able to tighten the skin and remove dullness on the face.

And for the benefits of black honey as an exfoliator, just mix 1 tablespoon of honey with oatmeal and lemon juice to taste, then massage the dough onto your face for a few minutes.

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