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15 Benefits of Peaches for Your Health and Beauty

Source: Stevepb

Peaches (peach) is one very healthy fruit. This citrus fruit has many nutrients that you may not know. Apart from vitamin C, peaches contain vitamin A and lots of iron. That’s why peaches can nourish your body. Here we provide 15 benefits of peaches for your health and beauty:

1. Improve digestion

Source: Adamlot

Eating peaches can help cleanse toxins in the intestines, kidneys, stomach and liver because of the high fiber and potassium in this fruit. This fiber can push toxic waste substances from your intestines, high potassium can reduce disorders related to the kidneys and reduce the risk of developing appendicitis. These peaches are “friendly” to the digestive system and will not cause stomach problems.

2. Maintain eyesight

Source: MabelAmber

Betakaroten is useful for maintaining eye health and peaches contain this type of antioxidant. Consuming peaches regularly can help improve eye health by increasing blood circulation throughout your body. This beta carotene can also nourish and protect the retina of your eyes from the dangers of free radicals, as well as prevent cataracts and degenerative eye diseases due to age.

3. Healthy skin

Source: Skeeze

Peaches are a great source of vitamins A and C, and both of these vitamins are very good for skin health. Vitamin A provides moisture to the skin, thereby improving skin texture by making it soft and supple. Vitamin C is also a good antioxidant to protect the skin from the dangers of free radicals. Just consume one large peach per day and you will get a bright skin. You can also apply peaches directly to your skin to help get rid of dark circles and wrinkles.

4. Maintain weight

Source: Mojzagrebinfo

This peach is fat free and has low calories, which is only about 68 calories. The high levels of natural sugars in the fruit will not adversely affect your health. If you are on a mission to slim down, or keep your weight at a certain number, eating peaches can keep you from snacking that is processed by chemicals and fat.

5. Prevent cancer

Source: PDPics

Peaches are rich in antioxidants that can prevent cancer cell growth. This fruit is known to effectively protect the body against lung, intestinal and oral cancer. The content of phenolic acid contained in peaches, which are also known as chlorogenic and nonchlorogenic acids, can stop the growth of breast cancer cells without damaging other normal cells.

6. Control high cholesterol

Source: StockSnap

Eating peaches regularly can help control high cholesterol and the problems high cholesterol can cause, such as diabetes or heart disease. This is because peaches contain phenolic components that prevent the oxidation of low lipoproteins, or LDL (bad cholesterol). Foods rich in beta-carotene are good for lowering cholesterol levels in the blood.

7. Improve heart health

Source: George Hodan

The antioxidants present in peaches can benefit your heart by destroying free radicals. These free radicals can start a chain reaction in your body and can damage or kill good cells. This fruit also has bioactive components that help fight metabolic syndrome, a combination risk factor that can lead to inflammation, obesity and heart problems.

8. Maintain blood pressure

Source: Xamumu

A large peach is high in potassium and very low in sodium, so it can help you maintain blood pressure. Potassium works with sodium to regulate the balance of water levels in your body which can help you keep your blood pressure within normal limits. This fruit also contains magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese, iron, and calcium. All of these nutrients maintain red blood cells. If you have high blood pressure, eating one peach per day can help you deal with the problem.

9. Avoid anemia

Source: Dbreen

For those of you who experience iron deficiency or anemia, health experts recommend including foods that are rich in iron in your diet, such as peaches. Iron can help increase hemoglobin production, thereby minimizing and preventing anemia. Vitamin C found in peaches also helps your body to absorb iron.

10. Reduces inflammation

Source: 947051

This fruit contains anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant components. Nutritionists recommend that people with gout or rheumatism eat peaches regularly. Vitamin A can help treat rheumatism. This fruit also has a mild diuretic or laxative effect that can help reduce inflammation, which is a symptom of gout and rheumatism.

11. Overcoming infection due

Source: 3dman_eu

Eating this fruit, for example by adding it to the tea you drink, or deliberately buying tea products that have a taste / aroma / peach component, you can use them to treat infections associated with colds or coughs. Regardless of the taste, the vitamin C contained in peach tea can fight coughs and colds that attack your body’s defense system.

12. Good for nerve health

Source: Geralt

We already mentioned, right, above that this fruit contains high potassium? Potassium turns out to be good for maintaining nerve health, you know. In fact, our nerves only need a small amount of potassium to function properly, because the combination of potassium and sodium helps the nerves to send the electrical signals that our nervous system needs to work. So there is nothing wrong, right, consuming this fruit as a nutritional addition?

13. Serves as a laxative

Source: Xamumu

We already mentioned briefly about the laxative effect of peaches. This is because peaches are rich in fiber. Eating peaches regularly helps your digestive system run better because it can make your bowel movements smoother. So that the process of digestion and disposal of food waste from your body can also run better. If you have constipation or constipation problems, try consuming fruits that are rich in fiber like this one.

14. Maintain endurance

Source: Piviso

When your body’s defenses are not in good shape, you will be susceptible to viruses and develop infections, such as coughs and colds that we have mentioned above. And when the body’s immune system is attacked, there is no medicine that can overcome it other than by resting and eating nutritious foods to restore the immune’s ability. You can consume peaches which are rich in vitamin C and its ability to remove toxins in the body as an alternative nutrition to stay fit.

15. Prevent aging

Source: Geralt

Fruits that are rich in vitamin C will increase collagen production in the body. And we know that collagen can provide elasticity to the skin. Plus, using peaches topically (applied directly to the skin) can help reduce wrinkles and fight sun damage, thereby enhancing the skin texture and reducing lines or wrinkles on the face. This will make you look younger and fresher.

Well, even though these peaches tend to be safe for consumption, you still have to be careful because they can also cause allergic reactions in some people. If you don’t have a problem with peaches and you like their fruit texture and taste, please add this fruit to your diet. Keep on living healthy!