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14 Benefits of Meditating during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Relieve Stress and Strengthen Your Immunity

Bola.com, Jakarta – Pandemic period COVID-19 which never ends causes some people to experience mental health problems, such as anxiety, stress to depression.

So that the body can work optimally during a pandemic COVID-19, You might try to do meditation. Meditation is one of the easy ways to deal with mental health problems.

You can fill the gap in time during the COVID-19 pandemic by doing meditation. This activity can be done in an easy way and in a relatively short time.

The benefits of meditation are not only limited to physical health, but mental health. Meditation is a relaxation technique that involves releasing the mind from all the things that are interesting, overwhelming, or anxious in life.

Meditation is believed to provide peace and mental balance so that emotions and overall body health are stable.

Apart from relieving stress and making you more relaxed, there are various other benefits of meditation that can be obtained, if you do it regularly.

Here are the benefits that can be obtained by meditating during a pandemic COVID-19 struck, quoted from Alodokter and Klikdokter, Tuesday (29/12/2020).