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12 Benefits of Peaches for Family Health

Mom, has anyone ever tasted peaches? This fruit, commonly known as peach, has a refreshing taste and is also beneficial for health.

The benefits obtained are from maintaining endurance to preventing premature aging problems.

This fruit with the Latin name Prunus persica originated from China for more than 800 years. This fruit has seeds and has a thin skin that has fine hair like a kiwi, and the color of the flesh is yellowish orange.

Besides being able to be consumed directly, peaches can apparently be used as juice, a mixture of cakes, jams, and various other delicious preparations.

The content of peaches

Peaches contain nutrients that are good for health. One of the most obvious ingredients is vitamin c from the sweet taste of this fruit.

Other content in peaches include fat, calories, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, potassium, vitamins E and K. This fruit has low sugar levels so it is good for consumption by diabetics.

Benefits of peaches for health

Maintain eye health

The benefits of the first peach are to maintain eye health. This is due to the content of beta carotene and alpha carotene which play a role in the formation of vitamin A.

Maintain heart health

It turns out that eating the following fruits regularly supports heart health so as to avoid the risk of dangerous heart disease. The benefits of peaches on this one are effective in reducing the factors that cause hypertension and bad cholesterol.

Get rid of cholesterol

Regarding the risk of heart health, the nutritional content in peaches is able to help retain bile acids, which are compounds produced by the liver from cholesterol.

With that, the bile acids will be retained with the cholesterol they contain and then excreted through the feces. So that it can help lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

Increase endurance

The content of vitamin C in peaches also acts as an antioxidant that can increase endurance. In addition, the content of vitamin C also functions to accelerate cell repair and the process of wound healing.

Maintain the health of the digestive tract

Because they are rich in fiber, eating peaches can help improve digestion.

This is because the good bacteria in the large intestine will play a role in converting fiber into fatty acids which are useful for reducing inflammation that occurs in the intestine.

Not only that, fiber also makes Mom feel full longer so that it can help maintain an ideal body weight.

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Moisturizes skin and prevents premature aging

The peach plant has a high content of ceramid which can maintain skin moisture so that the skin looks more nourished and cared for.

Mom, do you know what ceramid is? Ceramide is the main component in the skin that keeps the skin moist and protects it from irritation and pollution, but unfortunately this component can decrease with age.

With high ceramide accompanied by a rich vitamin C content, you don’t have to worry anymore about the problem of premature aging. Immediately put the peaches in your refrigerator.

Prevent bone loss

Another benefit of peaches is that they play a role in maintaining bones and preventing the risk of porous bone disease. This is caused by the high potassium content in peaches or peaches.

Prevent breast cancer

This fruit is rich in polyphenols, which are antioxidants that have been shown to reduce growth and limit the spread of cancer cells.

The polyphenol content in peaches is known to have the ability to kill cancer cells without damaging other healthy cells in the body.

Researchers say, someone who consumes at least two to three peaches a day has a lower risk of developing breast cancer.

Reducing the risk of skin cancer

In addition to preventing the risk of breast cancer, it turns out that peaches or peaches are also useful for preventing skin cancer.

Like other fruits that are rich in nutrients, the peach plant also has benefits as protection against various types of cancer.

The compounds in the rosy fruit are rich in carotenoids and caffeic acid, which can limit the growth of non-cancerous skin tumors and prevent them from turning into cancer.

Ward off allergies

Peach tree also contains ingredients that can help reduce allergy symptoms. This content is histamine, which is part of the body’s defense system and triggers allergy symptoms such as itching, sneezing, or coughing.

It has been shown in research that peaches can help reduce allergy symptoms by preventing histamine from escaping in the blood and avoiding inflammation.

Supports kidney work

Apart from being useful for preventing allergies to preventing cancer, peaches can also be useful for maintaining the health of the excretory system by optimizing kidney performance.

With the nutrients contained in peaches, the kidneys will be healthier and prevent diseases that will attack the kidneys.

Relieve rheumatism

The pain caused by joint swelling for people with rheumatism is certainly very excruciating and makes activities uncomfortable. By regularly consuming peaches, the pain from rheumatism will gradually decrease.


To get the maximum benefits of peaches, Mom is advised to eat fresh fruit instead of processed peaches in cans.

Although it is more practical, canned peaches are pre-treated with a high added sugar content.

If you have a medical condition or a history of certain diseases but want to enjoy this sweet fruit for nutritional fulfillment, it doesn’t hurt for Mom to consult with a nutritionist about the recommended portion.

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