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11 Health and Environmental Benefits of Earthworms, Shouldn't be Underestimated

11 Health and Environmental Benefits of Earthworms, Shouldn't be Underestimatedearthworm illustration. gardeningknowhow.com

Merdeka.com – For some people, earthworms may be seen as disgusting little creatures. But make no mistake. Despite its small size and disgusting looks, this creature has a myriad of extraordinary benefits.

Tubular and segmented in the phylum Annelida, earthworms are generally used to fertilize soil. For those who like fishing, this worm is also commonly used as bait to attract fish attention.

Another benefit, earthworms can also be beneficial for one’s health. Although it sounds disgusting, earthworms also contain nutrients that are beneficial to human health. One of the benefits of earthworms that we have often heard of is its property to cure typhus.

Earthworms are considered to have a very high protein content. In addition, this creature also contains iron and calcium, which further increases its medicinal value for health.

Here, we report from Bola.com and healthohappiness.com the benefits of earthworms for health and the environment.

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