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10 Health Benefits of Hugging, Reduce Stress to Lower Blood Pressure

10 Health Benefits of Hugging, Reduce Stress to Lower Blood PressureHugging illustration. © 2012 Shutterstock / Yuri Arcurs

Merdeka.com – Hugging is a body language that can show attention and affection. This can be done by anyone. Both parents to their children, hugs from partners or also need from friends or friends. By hugging, of course, will provide an atmosphere of warmth and peace for whoever gets it.

Usually, hugging is one of the needs that someone has when they are having a problem. In this case, a hug that someone gives can show support to the closest person to be enthusiastic about facing problems. Not only that, a hug can also be a congratulation for a friend who has made an achievement.

Apart from being a sign or body language, it turns out that there are several health benefits of hugging you that need to be known. Physical touch such as hugging can give a person calm, comfort, and a feeling of security. This is very useful for reducing stressful thoughts or feelings that are being experienced.

In addition, cuddling is also considered to promote good mental health, boost the immune system, and help reduce low blood pressure. That way, it can be understood that hugging is one of the physical needs that can be useful for improving one’s overall health.

Launching from The Healthy website, here we summarize some of the health benefits of hugging you need to know.

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