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10 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea, Able to Prevent Various Diseases

10 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea, Able to Prevent Various DiseasesTea illustration. © 2012 Merdeka.com/Shutterstock/leungchopan

Merdeka.com – Tea is more than just a popular drink. For thousands of years, drinking tea has been, and is still a tradition and ritual that is deeply rooted in cultures around the world. Originating in China, perhaps as early as 2737 BC, the habit of drinking tea then spread to Japan, then the Netherlands, and finally throughout Europe.

Dutch settlers in America first introduced tea in 1650. England was one of the last European countries to adopt tea, although initially imports of the tea plant were heavily taxed. Much of the import of tea was illegally smuggled in until the British government cut the tax rate in 1784, allowing tea to be an affordable drink for all and not just a drink for the rich.

In Great Britain alone, about 75 million cups of tea are consumed every day. While it is estimated that more than 3 billion cups of tea are consumed worldwide every day. The popularity of tea is not only due to its good taste. For centuries tea has been drunk for its therapeutic benefits, which have also been extensively studied scientifically.

The medicinal and health benefits of drinking tea have been known for thousands of years. Now, modern science has helped back up these benefit claims. Here are 10 health benefits of drinking tea that you should know, quoting from mindbodygreen.com.

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