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10 Benefits of Jicama for Beauty You Can Get

7. Increase Collagen Production

The antioxidant content in bengkoang can protect the skin from the sun and pollution in the environment. Thus, collagen production in the skin also increases.

As collagen production increases, your skin becomes smoother and more elastic. Apart from that, it can also repair damaged skin and improve the appearance of the skin.

8. Controlling Oil on the Face

Using a face mask from jicama can control the oil content on the face. This is because jicama has a lot of water content.

You just need to apply a face mask regularly at least once a week.

9. Maintain Healthy Hair

Not only does it have properties for the skin, jicama is also considered to be very good at helping hair growth. Contains vitamin A, jicama is beneficial for cell growth, including hair.

10. Helps Hydrate the Scalp

Vitamin A in jicama can overcome oil on the scalp. Thus, the scalp becomes hydrated and reduces the risk of getting hair loss.

Hair also becomes smoother and shiny.

Source: Sehatq, Okadoc

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