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10 benefits of Himalayan salt which are said to be healthier than regular salt

The salt component is widely used to add flavor to dishes. Of course, Moms usually use table salt which can be found easily in stalls, supermarkets, or markets.

However, you may have heard of Himalayan salt, which is considered to have other advantages compared to regular salt, because it is found in the Himalayas, Pakistan.

Then, what exactly distinguishes Himalayan salt from ordinary salt? Find out a more detailed explanation below.

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Himalayan salt or Himalayan salt is a pink salt extracted from the Khewra salt mine, located in the Himalayas, near Pakistan.

This salt mine is one of the largest and oldest mines in the world.

The type of salt harvested in this mine is believed to have been formed millions of years ago from the evaporation of seawater. This salt is harvested manually and does not go through the process of adding additives. So, it is more natural than table salt.

Like table salt, Himalayan salt is made up of sodium chloride. However, Himalayan salt, which is mine salt, contains minerals and other elements not found in regular table salt.

Researchers counted 84 minerals and other substances not found in regular table salt in Himalayan salt. In fact, it’s the minerals that give the salt its pink color, especially iron.

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Quoting Medical News Today, Himalayan salt is chemically similar to table salt, with a content of up to 98 percent sodium chloride, and the rest consists of minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

This mineral gives the salt its pinkish color, and also explains why Himalayan salt tastes different from regular table salt.

However, because Himalayan salt is mined by hand and ground, without using metal instruments to contaminate its composition, many people argue that Himalayan salt is more natural than sea salt.

“Himalayan salt has more minerals than sea salt. Sea salt contains 72 particles, while the mineral content in pink Himalayan salt has all the 84 essential elements needed by the body,” explained Dr. William Li, author of the book ‘Eat To Beat Disease: The New Science of How Your Body Can Heal Itself’ quotes Reader’s Digest.

But is it true that Himalayan salt is said to be healthier than ordinary table salt?

Unfortunately, apart from the higher mineral composition, the use of Himalayan salt is also no better than ordinary salt.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, no matter where it comes from, salt contains the same amount of sodium chloride. Sodium chloride is a ‘culprit’ of the risk of heart attack and stroke.

In Journal of the American Heart Association, mentioned that the intake of excess salt (sodium chloride) has a major role in increasing blood pressure.

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Like potassium, other minerals in Himalayan salt are also found in small amounts so that no particular benefit can be obtained from replacing table salt with Himalayan salt.

Even though research has shown that Himalayan salt is not that effective, many people still believe that it provides tremendous health benefits.

Some of the buzzing health claims of Himalayan salt are usually:

The use of evaporation therapy with Himalayan salt as an alternative treatment for various lung diseases has been evaluated in several studies.

The results suggest that there may be some benefit, but overall, cited from the National Library of Medicine, more rigorous research is needed to investigate its effectiveness.

For example, researchers have found that a low-salt diet can cause sleep problems The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

This suggests that an adequate amount of salt may be needed for quality sleep. However, this study did not examine Himalayan salt and the possible function of sodium chloride in any salt.

Also, the minerals in Himalayan salt are not present in sufficient quantities to have an effect on the pH balance of the body. Our lungs and kidneys strictly regulate the pH of our bodies without the help of pink Himalayan salt.

Additionally, blood sugar levels, aging and libido are all controlled primarily by factors other than salt in your diet, and there are no scientific studies to suggest that eating pink Himalayan salt can benefit any aspect of our health.

Likewise, no studies have compared the health effects of Himalayan salt and regular table salt. If research does exist, there is likely no difference in the health effects of the two.

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Benefits of Himalayan Salt

benefits of himalayan salt

Photo: Orami Photo Stock

Himalayan crystal salts contain certain minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium which make them very valuable. It is believed to contain as many as 84 minerals!

Here are the amazing health benefits of Himalayan salt that you should know.

1. The Only Water to Remove Poison

The best way to experience the benefits of Himalayan salt is to make it in a water solution. This is water that is completely saturated with natural salts.

Take a cup and fill 1/4 of it with Himalayan salt. Then add water to the top until it is full.

Cover with a lid and let sit overnight.

In the morning, the salt will dissolve in the water and if there is any salt left in the bottom of the jar, this indicates that the water has absorbed all the salt completely and is completely saturated. Now, mix 1 teaspoon of this water in a glass of plain water and consume it every morning.

Drinking this water helps balance the pH level in the body, flush out toxins, increase our energy and keep you hydrated at all times.

Scientifically, the negatively charged ions in pure salt and trace minerals enter the cells and attract toxins from them.

2. Regulate Blood Sugar and Hormonal Balance

The daily dose of Himalayan salt can ensure proper fluid flow in the body.

A good balance of minerals and hormones can help improve insulin sensitivity and prevent sudden spikes in blood sugar. So Moms should try to drink it.

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3. Improve Digestion

The digestive process actually starts in the mouth and Himalayan salt can help activate our salivary glands which release amylase (an enzyme that helps digest carbohydrates).

Then, in the stomach, it stimulates hydrochloric acid as well as enzymes that digest protein and further aid in the breakdown of food.

4. Salt Therapy for Respiratory Problems

Salt therapy is a process that makes use of pure Himalayan salt to treat respiratory ailments.

In some cases the salt inhaler is used for the same thing while in other cases the person is asked to sit in a room filled with salt-rich air.

When this salty air is inhaled, the particles travel through the entire respiratory system and the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of the salt cleanse our lungs and sinuses.

Salt therapy is also used to treat seasonal allergies and nasal congestion.

You can also use a saucepan with the help of warm water that is given salt, which is then inhaled and flows through the nasal cavity and cleans it.

Himalayan salt kills bacteria and binds to contaminants to remove them.

5. Bath Soak

Soaking our bodies in Himalayan salt water can do wonders to rejuvenate our skin.

Through the process of dermal absorption, your skin absorbs all the minerals which provide different benefits.

For example, chromium fights acne, zinc prevents fear, and sulfur makes our skin smooth.

Magnesium absorbed through Himalayan salt can help soothe cramped muscles and soft tissues. Add a little warm water to make it feel fresh and energized.

6.Himalayan Salt Lamp to Purify the Air

Himalayan salt is also made in lamp form. Beautiful Himalayan salt lamps not only add beauty to the dirty corners of our homes, but also double as (much needed) air purifiers.

These lamps draw moisture from the air and because of the heat of the surface water evaporates quickly.

The evaporation process produces negative ions which react with pollen, dust, dirt, pollutants and allergens which carry a positive charge and neutralize it.

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7.Pink Himalayan Salt Can Stimulate Better Sex

With all the distractions in our daily lives, we tend to forget to provide the essential nutrients the body needs to increase libido.

Himalayan Pink salt comes with a high content of selenium, zinc and magnesium.

And these three elements play an important role in increasing libido. They are very helpful in improving the quality of our sex life.

Himalayan Pink salt in a hot steam solution has the ability to improve aspects of our body more than you can imagine.

In conclusion, increasing the amount of much needed libido minerals such as magnesium, zinc and selenium is essential for a healthy and active sex life.

And pink Himalayan salt provides the body with this nutrient.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt for Beauty

Himalayan salt for body health

Photo: jenreviews.com

This Himalayan salt not only provides health benefits for our body. It also contains many benefits for the beauty of our skin, you know.

8. Makes Skin Feel Soft and Smooth

The most popular use of salt in skin care is for exfoliation.

Not only does it physically exfoliate dead skin cells, but the salt itself makes our skin feel very soft and smoother.

9. Making the face fresher

Binge-heavy meals can leave you feeling bloated and slightly swollen. Relax, Himalayan salt is the solution.

If your skin needs a good refresher to look younger, try the Himalayan salt facial treatment.

10. A Deeper Cleaning Is Needed

Even if you feel that your skin is clean, Himalayan salt can further improve its cleanliness. Salt absorbs dirt and toxins in addition to having natural antibacterial properties.

There you are, the various benefits of Himalayan salt for our health and beauty. But remember, ordinary salt shouldn’t be forgotten, Moms.