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10 benefits of fasting Monday Thursday, complete with procedures and prayers

TRIBUNNEWSBOGOR.COM – The Monday and Thursday fast has a priority for every Muslim who practices it.

Monday Thursday fasting is a type of sunnah fast which is a positive practice one can do.

Fasting Monday Thursday is done twice a week, on Monday and Thursday.

The advantage that comes from fasting Monday and Thursday is to erase mistakes and to raise one’s degree.

In addition, Monday and Thursday are apparently days on which the practice of being lifted up before Allah, so it would be nice to use it for fasting.

The virtue of Monday and Thursday is generally explained in the following hadith Abu Hurairah:

The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said,

تفتح أبواب الجنة يوم الاثنين ويوم الخميس فيغفر لكل عبد لا يشرك بالله شيئا إلا رجلا كانت بينه وبين أخيه شحناء فيقال أنظروا هذين حتى يصطلحا أنظروا هذين حتى يصطلحا أنظروا هذين حتى يصطلحا

“The gates of heaven are opened on Monday and Thursday. Every servant who does not commit shirk to Allah in the slightest will be forgiven (on that day) except someone who has a dispute (enmity) between himself and his brother. Later it will be told them, end their business until they both reconcile, end their business until they both reconcile. ” (HR. Muslim no. 2565).

Supporting theorems regarding the Monday Fasting Thursday: