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10 Benefits of Black Honey for Health, Rich in Nutrients

10 Benefits of Black Honey for Health, Rich in Nutrientsblack honey. © 2020 Merdeka.com

Merdeka.com – Black honey or bitter black honey is a type of honey that is different from honey in general. Honey that is usually found in the market is usually identical to a clear brownish color and has a sweet texture.

However, it is different from black honey. This honey has physical characteristics dark black and a more bitter taste, so it is often referred to as bitter black honey.

Why honey tastes can vary, this is because the plants absorbed by bees are also different, thus determining the type of honey to be produced. Black honey is the product of wild honey which is thought to extract the extract from the mahogany tree.

In addition, black honey is also believed to contain compounds that are very beneficial for the body. Black honey is generally available in the form raw honey which does not go through various processing like honey properly.

To find out the benefits, here are 10 health benefits of black honey which are rich in nutrients that are reported from the pagedoktersehat.com:

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