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10 Benefits of Black Honey for Health. Treat gout!

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Have you ever heard of the benefits of black honey, Friends 99?

Maybe not many people are familiar with this type of honey.

Therefore, let’s first discuss what black honey is.

What Is Black Honey?

Black honey itself is a type of honey that is quite different from most honey.

Generally, honey is clear brown in color and tastes sweet, but not for this type of honey.

the benefits of black honey

This honey has a deep black color with a bitter taste.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for people to recognize this type of honey as bitter black honey.

After knowing what black honey really is, let’s just look at the benefits that can be obtained by consuming it!

Benefits of bitter black honey for health and virility

1. Lowering Cholesterol

Launch from doktersehat.com, black honey is said to reduce bad cholesterol in the body.

As is well known, high cholesterol in the body can indeed increase the risk of various diseases, especially cardiovascular disease.

In addition to neutralizing cholesterol levels, regular consumption of black honey directly reduces the risk of coronary heart attacks.

This can happen because of the antirombotic activity contained in it.

2. Overcoming Indigestion

the benefits of black honey

Black honey is also believed to help neutralize stomach acid.

If you eat sour and spicy foods, your stomach will still be protected if you consume black honey beforehand.

With stomach acid that has been successfully neutralized, you will avoid various digestive problems such as grastitis, stomach ulcers, and other digestive problems.

3. Reducing the Symptoms of Gout

Gout is a very troublesome disease considering the pain that attacks the joint area makes it difficult for sufferers to move.

Black honey can actually be trusted to solve this one problem.

With regular consumption, guaranteed okay you will farthest with this disease.

4. Overcoming Respiratory Disorders

the benefits of black honey

Apart from being good for reducing uric acid symptoms, the benefits of black honey are also effective for treating respiratory problems.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, black honey can soothe an inflamed throat.

In addition, black honey is also said to be able to clean the lungs from various pathogens.

5. Increase Stamina

Easily tired after daily activities?

Regularly consuming black honey can increase your stamina lo, Friends 99!

6. Ward off Free Radicals

When compared to regular honey, black honey contains more antioxidants.

The antioxidant content found in black honey can keep the body away from attacking free radicals.

Because of the many antioxidants found, black honey is also believed to have anticancer properties.

7. Increase Vitality and Virility

The benefits of black honey for men are to increase vitality and virility.

The natural ingredients found in it are believed to be very effective in increasing virility when having sex with a partner.

You can add free-range chicken or duck eggs to add benefits.

8. Maintain Immunity

strong immunity

To get the benefits of this bitter black honey, you must consume it regularly.

In addition, other benefits of consuming black honey on a regular basis are stable blood sugar and reduced body fat.

9. Treating Mag

Another property of black honey is to relieve pain and nausea during ulcers.

By consuming black honey regularly, the comfort suffered by people with ulcers will gradually decrease.

10. Accelerate Wound Healing

wound on the leg

Besides being able to treat ulcers, black honey is also said to be able to accelerate the wound healing process, lo.

Honey has long been applied to burns.

It is antibacterial and pH acid in it which is believed to accelerate the healing process.

Compounds that are the Key

In fact, there are several compounds that are the key to why black honey is so rich in benefits.

The two compounds are phenolic acids and flavonoids.

Phenolic acid is an important group of compounds whose role as natural antioxidants to inhibit free radicals.

Meanwhile, flavonoids are other antioxidant compounds that are useful for preventing coronary heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

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Those are some of the benefits of black honey that you need to know.

Hopefully this article is useful, Friends 99.

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