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10 Benefits of Black Honey for Health

DokterSehat.Com – Have you ever heard about the benefits of black honey? Honey is a natural ingredient that is believed to have many benefits. If we pay attention, honey has many types and has different colors. One type of honey that attracts attention is black honey. Let’s get to know more about black honey and the benefits of black honey below!

10 Benefits of Black Honey, Honey which is Rich in Antioxidants

What Is Black Honey?

Black honey or bitter black honey is a type of honey that is different from honey in general. Honey commonly found in the market is identical with its clear brownish color and sweet taste, but not black honey. This honey has a darker color, which is black and has a more bitter taste, so it is often called bitter black honey.

Why does honey taste different? This is apparently caused by the different plants that bees absorb. Plants that are absorbed by bees determine the type of honey that will be produced. Black honey is produced by wild honey which is thought to extract extract from the mahogany tree.

Not only mahogany trees, many also think that bitter honey is obtained by bees which absorb the extracts of the pelawan tree, calliandra, and rubber cassava. Black honey can be found in various forests in Indonesia, but is mostly found on the island of Borneo.

Content of Black Honey

The color and taste of black honey is different from other honey, of course this is also due to the different content of black honey. In addition, because of the differences in the content in it, the benefits of black honey are also believed to be more than ordinary honey.

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Black honey is believed to contain antioxidants that are much higher than other types of honey. A study states that black honey contains saponins, phenolic acids, alkaloid compounds, flavonoids, and other compounds that are beneficial to the body. In addition, just like honey in general, black honey also contains various vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

Benefits of Black Honey

The content of compounds in black honey is very beneficial for the body. Black honey is generally available in the form raw honey which does not go through various processing like honey generally in the market. This is what makes black honey better than other honeys.

The content of black honey is still natural and honey is also safer to use because it is not mixed with other ingredients such as preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Here are the various benefits of black honey that you can taste:

1. Lowering blood sugar

The first benefit of black honey is that it is believed to reduce blood sugar levels. Therefore, black honey is very good for consumption by diabetics. It is also known that the sugar content in black honey is not as much as regular honey, so this honey is proven to be safer for daily consumption.

2. Lower cholesterol

The second benefit of honey is that it can reduce bad cholesterol in the body. High cholesterol levels in the body can increase the risk of various diseases, especially cardiovascular disease. Regular consumption of black honey can neutralize cholesterol levels and prevent these diseases.

Black honey also directly reduces the risk of coronary heart attack due to its antithrombotic activity. This property can prevent blood clots that can cause heart attacks.

3. Reducing the symptoms of gout

Gout is a disease characterized by symptoms of pain in the joints, swelling, making it difficult for sufferers to move. The benefits of black honey are to relieve these symptoms. Use black honey regularly to prevent uric acid from recurring.

4. Overcoming indigestion

The next benefit of black honey is to treat digestive disorders. Black honey is believed to be able to neutralize stomach acid. So that even if you eat sour and spicy foods, the stomach will still be protected.

The benefits of black honey to neutralize stomach acid can certainly prevent you from various digestive problems such as acid reflux, grastitis, stomach ulcers, and other digestive tract problems.

5. Overcoming respiratory problems

Not only does it have benefits for digestion, the benefits of black honey for the respiratory tract are also numerous. First, black honey can treat sore throat. Black honey, which has anti-inflammatory properties, can soothe sore throats.

Furthermore, black honey is also believed to clean the lungs from various pathogens. As a result, the respiratory tract can work more optimally. Black honey is also believed to be good for consumption by people with asthma.

6. Improve kidney and liver function

The kidneys and liver are very important organs for the body. The disruption of kidney function and liver function can have a negative impact on other organs in the body. The benefits of black honey are that it is able to maintain the kidneys and liver so that their functions can work optimally.

7. Increase stamina

The seventh benefit of black honey is that it can increase stamina. If your stamina decreases, of course your daily activities will also be disrupted. Consuming black honey can restore your stamina so that you can be more powerful in carrying out various activities.

8. As an antioxidant

Black honey is very rich in antioxidants than regular honey. Black honey can help the body to ward off free radicals that attack the body. Because of the many antioxidants present in black honey, black honey is even believed to have anticancer properties.

9. Increase the immune system

The anti-inflammatory properties of black honey also make it very beneficial in the healing process of various ailments. Phenolic compounds which are also antioxidants are also believed to be able to boost the immune system. So, the benefits of black honey are not only healing, but also as a prevention of various diseases.

10. Skin health

Apart from being consumed, black honey can also be used for beauty treatments. Black honey can be used as a face mask. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, black honey is claimed to be able to treat acne. In addition, black honey is also believed to disguise black spots on the face.

Another definite benefit of black honey for beauty is its ability to keep skin moist. If you want to use black honey as a facial or body skin care, you can mix black honey with other ingredients for maximum results.

Choosing Black Honey

Basically, black honey has benefits that are not much different from honey in general. However, if we consider the ingredients in it, of course we can conclude that black honey has more potent properties than other types of honey in general. Although black honey is not as sweet as regular honey, it is certainly safer to use.

But the thing to remember is that you have to be careful when choosing honey products on the market. Just like other types of honey, of course not all black honey sold in the market is pure honey. Be wise in choosing products, so that you can experience the true benefits of black honey.

In addition, if you experience certain health conditions, you should consult a doctor first before using black honey. Likewise if you experience complaints after using this honey, such as an allergic reaction. I hope this information is helpful!

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