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10 Benefits of Basil Leaves for Beauty that are Rarely Known

7. Disguise scars

You can use basil leaves if you have scars. Basil leaves are believed to be able to disguise these scars.

Just puree a few basil leaves. Then add one tablespoon of lemon juice and honey, stirring until blended. Apply this mixture on the area where there is a wound.

8. Prevent skin cancer

Basil leaves are believed to be effective in preventing skin cancer. This is because basil leaves contain high levels of citral, limonene, and vitamin K.

9. Prevent hair loss

Hair loss is indeed a worrying condition. Instead of using chemical products, you can use basil leaves as a natural hair treatment.

Basil leaves are great for preventing hair loss because they reduce itching in the scalp area and improve blood circulation in the head area.

10. Prevents gray hair

Using a mixture of basil leaves, amla powder, and coconut oil can help prevent gray hair. Before use, this herb must be soaked overnight. Use coconut oil in it and wash your hair using the mixture.

Source: Spiceography, Gyanunlimited

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