Powerful Dandelion Root Tea Benefit to Lose Weight

Entering such a holiday is everyone's favorite time. During holidays, people usually gather with family, visit a place to try various culinary delights.

If food consumption is carried out continuously and uncontrollably, it will increase body weight after the holiday is over. But Atlanta-based integrative doctor and author of Super Woman Rx, Taz Bhatia says there are teas that can be consumed to help with weight loss. As reported by Woman's World, the tea is made from dandelion root.

"Studies show it (dandelion root tea) helps reverse many of the unpleasant side effects of holidays, including fluid retention, weight gain, and lethargy," says Taz Bhatia.

This caffeine-free drink also cuts levels of stress hormones that fatten the stomach.

"It works fast, plus a perpetual change trigger that gets you ready to look and feel your best for the days and weeks to come," he said.

It's no wonder that dandelion root tea is called dandy by fans. Most people think of dandelions as a weed.

But actually, the root of this weed has been used medicinally for more than 1000 years. Teas made from the root of this plant are known for their ability to beat bloating that is exacerbated by consuming added sugar, flour, and sodium.

North Carolina-based herbal therapist and author of Suffered Long Enough, Bill Rawls, MD reveal the compounds in dandelion root tea encourage the body to naturally release excess fluids. In one study, only one cup of tea was needed to excrete a large amount of water for an adult.

Experts agree that this effect is what causes many women to feel the benefits within one night. This tea is not only able to help you lose weight.

Clinical testing has revealed it stimulates the production of an enzyme in the liver that helps burn fat faster for hours. So, every time you drink a cup of dandelion root tea your metabolism increases.

Additionally, this tea is loaded with compounds that help detoxify the liver. This is a very good thing, energizing and very slimming.

“The liver is the body's filter. The liver can easily become overwhelmed by all the waste thrown at it, such as sugar, food additives and pollutants in the environment, and then the organ struggles to perform many other important functions, ”said Dr Taz.

The foremost of these functions is to regulate the levels of nearly all human hormones, including hunger hormone, thyroid hormone, a stress hormone, sleep hormone. Especially when the liver slows down, insulin levels are removed, making a person belly fat and putting at risk for diabetes.

"Basically when you get rid of the toxins and other waste trapped in the middle of the body, everything starts to work and feels better," says Dr Rawls.