10 Most Popular Online Bachelor Degrees

 After the PSBB period ended, the government is now implementing a new normal policy for several regions in Indonesia. Normal new policies allow people to returned to work as before with a few notes. Call it mandatory health protocols such as wearing masks, washing hands every time you enter a place, and carrying out physical distancing.

However, the education sector will still implement a distance learning system and rely on e-learning. In the new normal era, learning online or through online media has now received several changes and evaluations, considering that when PSBB learning online made students less interactive in participating in teaching and learning activities.

Learning online has now become a necessity for students and students in Indonesia. The question is, what are the prospects for this online education? Well, according to education.com, online education is actually not much different from conventional education. There are even 10 online bachelor degrees that are increasingly popular and loved by students from all over the world. Curious?

1. One of  the popular online degrees is BSc (Hons) Psychology. In the process you will learn about psychology for 4 years online

First, there is the BSc (Hons) Psychology degree. This psychology major allows you to study and get to know the world of psychology 100% online and part-time. For those of you who don't know, BSc is a degree you get because you study the exact sciences. Meanwhile, the Hons degree is a title that is preferred by employers and allows you to get several job opportunities. You can get this degree by enrolling at the University of Essex which is located in the UK for 4 years.

2. For those of you who like sports, you can get the popular BBA bachelor's degree in Sports Management online after studying for 3 years

Furthermore, there is a BBA degree majoring in Sports Management. Now for those of you who are interested in the world of sports, you can get this undergraduate program online at GBSB Global Business School. BBA itself stands for Bachelor Business Administration. Now you can get this degree by taking online lessons for 3 years. Later you will be taught how to framework sports management theory, marketing strategies, and established research methodologies. All these lessons will get you the knowledge to advance and have a career in the sports industry. Isn't that interesting?

3. You can also study international law, journalism, and diplomacy online and earn a Bachelor's degree in International Relations and Diplomacy

In Indonesia, the Department of International Relations is very loved by students who graduated from social studies who dream of becoming diplomats. Since today all education is carried out online, there is nothing wrong with registering for an online bachelor's degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from Schiller International University in Germany. Learning time is about 3-4 years. You will learn about international law, journalism, government science, and the theory you need if you want to continue to master's level.

4. The Department of Sustainability Management may be less popular, but the BBA degree in this department has a bright prospect considering that the business world is currently developing so rapidly

The Department of Sustainability Management may still sound a little foreign in Indonesia. This school teaches about how to strategically incorporate sustainable practices into the operations of any business that is experiencing rapid development today. Scholars from this department are very popular as it is needed for people with such practical skills. So you will get a BBA degree under the guidance of experts if you study for 3 years at the University of the Sustainability Management School which is located in Switzerland.

5. For those who are graduates of Hospitality Vocational Schools who are interested in advancing their position at work, they can take an online study program to get a BA in Hospitality Management

Furthermore, there is an online degree that you can get from Unicaf University located in Africa. This major focuses on hospitality management. For those of you who have graduated from a vocational school majoring in hospitality and are currently working, there is nothing wrong with studying for a BA in hospitality management. You will get online training. A bachelor's degree from this major is perfect for those looking to advance in the workplace.

6. Today data is everything. For that reason, Bachelor of Data Science has bright job prospects in the future

In the digital era, data is very important. Today there isn't a business that doesn't use data as a reference. For this reason, a bachelor's degree in data science has bright prospects for the future. Interestingly, you can get this bachelor's degree online through the University of Applied Sciences Online which is based in Germany. For 3 years you will be taught everything about data and how to process it. Gimana, interested in registering?

7. For those of you who want to have knowledge of cross-cultural strategic marketing, learning about Business Administration and getting an online BBA degree can be an option

For those of you who are interested in the Business administration department, you can take the BBA program online at EU University located in Spain, Switzerland, and Germany. Slightly different from studying Business Administration in Indonesia, you will be taught strategic marketing, leadership, and team building as well as cross-cultural business issues. You also only need to study for 3 years to get this degree.

8. Today in the world there is no company that doesn't need a graphic designer. You can also get a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design online

What jobs do you need a graphic designer for today? Now, one of the big universities, Los Angeles Film School, opened an online learning program for 3 years. Later you will be taught to be a visual innovator and learn how to create attractive designs that can convey communication ideas with new media and technology. This is perfect for those of you who like drawing and want a career in the visual world.

9. Bachelor of Interior Design is one of the popular online degrees because it has bright prospects after graduation

After Graphic Design, another popular online degree is a bachelor's in Interior Design. One university that provides online learners is Yorkville University in Canada. For 3 years you will be taught to collaborate, innovate in the world of interior design as freely as possible. You will learn to apply critical, analytical, and technical skills to high-level design processes while gaining expertise in the latest technical and digital media.

10. For those of you who are interested in learning a foreign language other than English, the BSC program in Spanish: Languages ​​& Literature can be an interesting choice

Finally, there are majors with undergraduate degrees that are quite popular, namely Bachelor in literature and Spanish. For those of you who want to increase your skills in language and literature, you can study at Universidad De Burgos. You will learn all forms of Spanish language and literature thoroughly and earn a degree online. Cool, right? It is possible that many campuses with literature majors will implement online lectures so that your opportunity to learn languages ​​and cultures online will be more open.

So, those are the 10 most popular online bachelor degrees. It's proven that the corona pandemic is not an obstacle for you to keep getting a bachelor's degree and promising job prospects.

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