15 Health Benefits of Dry Moringa Tea

It has been a long time since Moringa leaves, or what can be referred to as moringa leaves, have been used as herbal ingredients to cure diseases. This leaf can be consumed in various ways, one of which is Moringa leaf tea.

Moringa leaf tea is made from dried Moringa leaves and then brewed with hot water. Because basically Moringa leaves have many health benefits, so when you consume them in the form of tea, you can get these various benefits.

Benefits of Moringa tea for the body

The following are various potential benefits of Moringa tea for your body's health.

1. Control diabetes

Moringa leaves contain a protein that is similar in structure to insulin, so it is considered a potential control aid for diabetic conditions.

Besides, according to research also other content present in these leaves is said to make sugar processing in the body run better and will affect how the body produces insulin.

With balanced insulin production and the body can use it properly, blood sugar levels can return to balance.

2. Lose weight

Consuming Moringa leaf tea can accelerate metabolism, trigger calorie burning, balance blood sugar levels, and at the same time increase energy. All of these capabilities can certainly support the process of weight loss You.

3. Increase energy

Consuming Moringa leaf tea in the morning can increase your energy. This drink can also be used as an alternative to coffee for those of you who can't consume too much caffeine.

4. Good for skin

Vitamin C content and the rich bioflavonoids in Moringa leaves make this plant very good for skin health. Consuming moringa tea regularly is considered to prevent wrinkles, increase skin moisture, treat acne, and make you look younger.

5. Relieves menstrual cramps

Consuming Moringa tea can relieve menstrual cramps and other symptoms that often arise before menstruation such as nausea, bloating, mood swing, to migraines. This benefit is obtained from the analgesic or anti-pain content in Moringa leaves.

6. Healthy hair

Moringa tea is a drink that is rich in iron, vitamin C, B complex vitamins, and amino acids. All these components make hair healthy and beautiful by preventing dandruff and excess oil in the hair.

7. Increase endurance

Moringa tea is good for increasing endurance and protecting you from viruses that cause flu and flu symptoms. This benefit is also obtained from the content of vitamin C and antioxidants in it.

8. Healthy heart

Moringa leaves also contain potassium, so it can contribute to lowering blood pressure. With a decrease in blood pressure, there is risk of occurrence of heart disease will also decrease.

9. Healthy digestion

When you experience stomach pain, diarrhea, or constipation, consuming Moringa leaf tea can be an option to make your stomach feel more comfortable. This is because Moringa leaves have antibacterial properties that can balance the flora levels in the digestive tract. When the level of flora is balanced, the digestive tract can work more efficiently.

10. Overcoming impotence

Impotence or erectile dysfunction can occur when blood flow to the penis area is impaired or not smooth. Meanwhile, in trials conducted using tested animals, Moringa leaf extract has been shown to improve blood flow.

11. Increase male fertility

Through research conducted on tested animals, the antioxidant content in Moringa leaves is proven to be effective to keep sperm from damage, so that the quality is maintained.

According to research from NCBI, consuming Moringa leaf tea can also help treat the prostate because it is rich in antioxidants.

12. Good for the brain

The antioxidants you get when consuming Moringa leaf tea will help relieves stress and inflammation that occurs in brain tissues, so that memory can increase.

13. Balances hormones in the body

Moringa tea is also considered to be able to balance hormones in the body so that it can help reduce complications that may arise during menopause. The balance of hormone levels in the body will also reduce the possibility of thyroid gland disorders and prevent hyperthyroidism.

14. Speed ​​up the healing process

Not only increases endurance, but vitamin C in Moringa leaves it can also speed up healing because of its ability to help form new cells in the body.

Vitamin C will also trigger the collagen production and speed up blood clotting time.

15. Potential to prevent cancer

Taking Moringa leaf extract is considered to slow cell growth in pancreatic cancer and make chemotherapy drugs work better.

Even so, you should not immediately consume it if you are undergoing cancer treatment. Discuss with the treating doctor first so that side effects do not appear that will actually worsen the condition.

Some of the mentioned benefits of Moringa tea have only been tested on laboratory animals and have never been tested on humans.

So, even though consumption of Moringa leaves is still considered safe, you should not use it as the main treatment ingredient. Keep consulting your doctor to get the best treatment.

How to make Moringa tea yourself

Making Moringa leaf tea is not difficult. In addition, you can also add other ingredients such as honey or lemon to add flavor and benefit to this drink.

Here are the ingredients and methods for those of you who want to try making them at home.


  • 3-4 moringa leaves
  • One glass of hot water
  • Squeeze lemon juice to taste
  • Honey to taste

How to make

  1. Take 3-4 moringa leaves, choose the old ones
  2. Dry the leaves naturally in the sun or with tools
  3. Blend the dry moringa leaves and stems in a blender
  4. Pour the moringa powder into a cup and add hot water
  5. Wait for about 5 minutes until it changes color
  6. Add honey and lemon
  7. To dry moringa leaves, you can hang them in a closed, dry, cool place. Drying usually takes 10-14 days, so if you want to make Moringa leaf tea, you should do it in large quantities at once.
  8. The dried moringa leaves leftover from making tea can be stored in an airtight dry container and just collect them when you want to make other preparations.

Can you drink Moringa leaf tea every day?

Moringa tea is a healthy drink that has many benefits for the body. Even so, this drink should not be used as a single drug or herbal medicine to cure certain diseases.

When sick, you still need to have your condition checked by a doctor. Because Moringa tea can only act as a support for care.

Make sure you do not take root extracts or roots from Moringa leaves because they are not safe for consumption. The roots contain spirochin which is a poisonous substance for the body.