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4 Tips to Prevent Your Home from Becoming a Mosquito Nest

Mosquito nests, in fact, can easily be found around your house. Without you knowing it, mosquitoes that can breed easily will cause their own health problems, especially dengue fever.

Have you ever realized that a mosquito nest near you was facilitated by you? Like leaving open a container or a place filled with water that is easy to make a place to lay eggs, or you are lazy to tidy up clothes that have piled up hanging behind the door. These things actually attract mosquitoes to nest in your environment. Come on, see some ways to prevent mosquito nests from breeding in your environment.

Things that must be done to prevent mosquito nests from reproducing

1. Close and destroy all holes where water is present

The most common trait of mosquitoes is that they like to lay their eggs in clean standing water. Well, what is most worrying is when there are trays, jugs, or holes in the ground filled with water around your yard. It is a breeding haven for mosquitoes to breed.

Mosquitoes will breed more easily during the rainy season, where a sunken place or position filled with dripping rainwater will easily become a nest for mosquitoes. To prevent this, if you find standing water in the ground, immediately heap it and cover it with soil. If there is a place or tray filled with water, please close or empty the water so it doesn't become a mosquito nest.

2. Do not like hanging clothes or piling up things

If you pay attention to mosquito nests, you will find a lot, where there are piles of clothes or solid items in large quantities. Mosquitoes do like damp and dark places. Even if you've sprayed on insecticide, it still won't reach all the gaps in your cupboard.

The way to prevent what you have to do is, avoid excessive items or clothes piling up together. If you want to wear it, don't forget to wash the clothes first. Get in the habit of closing the cupboard, and keep your things that have piled up to a place some distance away.

3. Cut and clean weeds in your yard

A yard overgrown with green plants or grass is really unsightly. But did you know, mosquito nests are actually in dense, long, and unkempt grass? As discussed earlier, when it rains, not all of the water is absorbed into the soil, sometimes it is still carried by other wild plants. Well, from there the mosquitoes will be free to spawn thousands of children to cause disease in humans.

Flatten and trim the yard or wild plants around the house, do not forget to cover the holes around it, flatten it with soil. Ideally, you can plant crops such as lavender, orange, or lemongrass that are hated by mosquitoes.

4. Close windows at night and burn oil or mosquito repellent

Mosquito nests in your home will make it easier for mosquitoes to roam for food in your home. Try to cover any cracks or small holes in your house using fine wire mesh, so that mosquitoes do not easily enter. Don't forget to close windows and doors at night, because mosquitoes are active at night.

Before going to bed, apply a mosquito repellent cream on your body. If you have a baby, cover the bed with a mosquito repellent device. You can also burn lemongrass and insect repellent before bed.