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Tips for Dealing with Toxic Parents

Do you feel that you have not been given room to make decisions, are always considered wrong, or have experienced physical and verbal abuse from your parents? If so, it could be that you are parenting toxic parents. To deal with this, you can apply the following tips.

Toxic parents are the type of parents who manage their children according to their wishes without respecting the child's feelings and opinions. This condition can make children feel confined and afraid. In fact, children often grow into individuals who often blame themselves and have low self-esteem.

Tips for Dealing with Toxic Parents

Dealing with toxic parents is not easy. It takes extra patience not to offend and still respect parents, but still maintain the health of our own minds. The following are ways you can deal with toxic parents :

1. Set boundaries between yourself and your parents

Setting boundaries with toxic parents does seem quite difficult, especially if you still live in the same house. To set this limit you must be assertive, that is, firm and confident in communicating without provoking a negative response from the other person.

Communicate with your parents what things make you feel uncomfortable and happy. Every now and then you can say "no" if what they say is not what you want. However, make sure you give a clear reason so they don't force you again.

2. Divert the conversation in a positive direction

When your parents are expressing their wishes that are not yours or criticizing you without giving support, you should not get carried away with emotions and argue with them as much as possible. Instead of solving problems, arguing will only worsen your relationship with them.

Better to divert the conversation in a positive direction so that they forget about the unpleasant discussion. For example, you could discuss your accomplishments or perhaps ask your parents what fun things happened that day.

3. Look for busyness outside the house

Try to find activities so that your mind is free from toxic parental talk and makes you feel inferior. You can take up a hobby or learn things that you have never done before. Make your parents proud, so they can support what you do.

4. Make time for me

Take occasional time outs to recharge your physical and mental energy. You can do me time in various ways, for example by staying at a hotel, going to the beach, hiking, or just being alone in the park and enjoying the calm atmosphere.

Besides that, me time also relaxes your mind, so you will be more patient in dealing with toxic parents. It can also improve the quality of your social relationships with other people.

5. Don't force your parents to change their behavior

Even if what they did was wrong, don't force your parents to turn into the ideal person, yes, especially in such a short time. This will only create a fuss which can be very frustrating for you. Better to focus on self-control when responding to parental conversations so as not to offend them.

Regardless of their toxic behavior, you as a child should always love and love your parents. Control emotions, talk softly and stay nice and polite to your parents.

If you are still having a hard time dealing with problems with toxic parents, consult your problem with a psychologist for solutions. If possible, persuade your parents to join you in the consultation so that they too can get direction on a good parent-child relationship.