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The Importance of Having Health Insurance in the Middle of the Corona Virus Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic makes almost everyone around the world experience uncertainty about their health conditions. The reason is, the Coronavirus which has attacked millions of people in various countries can attack anyone. Some groups of people are even more susceptible to this disease.

Many people think that they are safe from infection as long as they are not near people who are sick, or feel that they are far from illness because they are still young. It is for this reason that health insurance is rarely seen and in demand.

In fact, the disease can come at any time and sometimes unexpectedly. Having health insurance will greatly reduce medical costs and can indirectly help maintain the health of you and your family, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic like today.

It is true, no one wants to get sick or have a disease, be it a minor one or a serious or chronic one. However, without realizing it, we often lead to unhealthy lifestyles, such as eating fast food, staying up late, stress, and rarely exercising.

These bad habits can lead to various chronic diseases and weaken the immune system, making it susceptible to infectious diseases, including COVID-19. For that reason, health insurance coverage for yourself and your family is important.

Reasons for Health Insurance are Very Important, Especially in the Middle of a Pandemic

Here are 4 reasons why you should have health insurance:

1. Provide protection for yourself and your family

Having health insurance is proof that you love your family. No one can guarantee that you will always be in good health and can make a living for your family, right?

Well, health insurance can greatly reduce the costs you have to spend on treatment and care. Some health insurance will even provide benefits while you are sick so that your family's needs can still be met even though you cannot make a living while sick.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, sufferers of chronic diseases are very vulnerable to Coronavirus infection and can experience severe symptoms. Therefore, sufferers of the chronic disease need to undergo regular treatment so that their condition is kept under control.

This is where health insurance plays a role in maintaining your health. By having health insurance, you don't need to bother thinking about the costs of checkups, medication, and routine care if you have chronic diseases. That way, your disease condition can be kept under control.

Health insurance can also cover the costs of hospitalization, treatment of critical illnesses, operations, and handling unexpected accidents. In fact, some health insurance also covers the cost of prenatal care and childbirth, as well as immunizations for babies and children.

2. Avoid economic problems due to disease

Several types of diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, and stroke, require regular control. Sometimes, it is also necessary to consult with more than one specialist doctor for optimal treatment. This of course requires a lot of money.

In these conditions, health insurance not only allows you to get the maximum possible treatment but can also protect your financial condition and prevent your family from economic problems due to the disease you suffer.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a considerable impact on economic conditions in general. Not a few people have experienced a drastic decrease in income or even lost their jobs.

If you are in such a situation, it will be even more difficult for you or your family to become infected with the Coronavirus. Without health insurance, it is not impossible that you will fall into complicated financial problems.

3. Reduce stress

In conditions like now, everyone is equally at risk of being exposed to the Coronavirus. Even though you and your family are all in good health, worry, and uncertainty about a disease, especially one that can be life-threatening like COVID-19, can stress you out.

This is not a good thing, because stress can actually trigger various diseases, such as high blood pressure or sleep disorders. Stress can also worsen the disease conditions that you are already suffering from. So, don't underestimate stress, huh.

One of the things that can be stressful is imagining expensive treatment costs if you have COVID-19 because surely you want the best treatment for you or your family so you can get well quickly.

So, having health insurance can at least reduce your worries in this regard. That way, you can also avoid the stress that comes from feeling anxious and worried.

4. Make yourself more disciplined

By having health insurance, you will be more disciplined in managing finances. So that the money you get is not wasted on things that are not important and wasted, immediately set aside some money for health insurance after you get a salary every month.

When choosing health insurance, consider whether the costs that must be paid regularly (premium costs) are in accordance with your income. Also, pay attention to how to pay. In addition, pay attention to what benefits you will get, what medications or treatments are guaranteed, and how to use them, and how to claim them.

For your convenience and safety, choose health insurance, which registration can be done online. So, you can still get the best health protection without leaving the house.

Although the premium costs will increase your expenses, remember that health is much more valuable. By having health insurance, you have provided protection for yourself and your family from the various impacts and risks that can arise from suffering from a disease, including COVID-19.

Even so, keep taking precautions so you don't catch the Coronavirus in the midst of this pandemic. The trick is to diligently wash your hands, keep your distance from other people, wear masks, exercise regularly, and eat nutritious foods.

If you have a chronic disease or experience symptoms of COVID-19, you can consult directly with a doctor.