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The Benefits and How to Get Optimal Nap

If you're sleep deprived or just want to find some time to rest, you might choose to take a short nap. Perhaps you are more likely to hear the suggestion of naps for children. In fact, naps do not only apply to children, but adults also need them. However, you need to know how to take a good nap. Because taking a nap at the wrong time or too long actually makes the body feel uncomfortable and the benefits cannot be obtained.

What are the benefits of napping?

Even if you are busy and may not have time to take a quick nap, you still need to spend enough time. A good nap provides a variety of benefits for adults, including:

  • relaxation
  • reduce fatigue
  • increase alertness
  • improve mood
  • improve work performance, physically and mentally

However, naps also have an effect

Naps do have benefits, but not everyone can take a nap. There are people who cannot sleep during the day or who cannot sleep unless they are in their own room.

Naps can also have negative effects, such as:

  • Sleep inertia. A phenomenon where you feel grumpy and absent-minded after waking up from a nap.
  • Sleep disturbance at night. A short nap shouldn't affect the quality of a night's sleep for most people. However, if you have insomnia or have a sleep disorder such as frequent delirium, napping can make this disorder worse. Taking a long nap may also interfere with sleep at night.

When do you need a good nap?

There is a need to make time for good naps if you:

  • suddenly feeling tired or sleepy
  • will lack sleep at night, for example, because of the night shift or getting overtime
  • want to schedule regular naps

Sometimes you feel like you need to take a longer nap, even though you are not active or tired. If this happens, discuss it with your doctor immediately. You may need to take medication, have trouble sleeping, or have another medical condition that can interfere with your night's sleep.

How to take a good nap?

To get the proper benefits of napping, you need to follow these tips:

  • A good nap takes only 10-30 minutes. The longer you nap, the more likely you are to feel grumpy when you wake up.
  • Good nap time is midday, or around 2-3 in the afternoon. This is the ideal time as you may be sleepy after lunch. In addition, naps taken at this time are less likely to disturb your sleep at night.
  • Good nap time is also determined according to your needs and your sleep schedule.
  • A good nap is in a quiet dark area with a comfortable room temperature and not too noisy.
  • After taking a nap, don't rush up and do your activities again. Getting up quickly can give you a headache, irritable, and unwell. Give it a few minutes to pause until you feel refreshed again.