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Before the Birth of the Second Child, Spend Quality Time with the First Child

Towards the delivery of their second child, some mothers began to focus on preparing for the birth of their little one, so they often paid less attention to their eldest child. In fact, spending quality time with your brother before his baby is born is very important, you know, Bun.

The presence of a baby brother can indeed add to the happiness of the mother's family. However, don't let this moment actually make you neglect your first child.

Towards the Birth of the Second Child?  Come on, spend quality time with the first child - Alodokter
Even though he is the eldest son, it does not mean that he should be automatically independent and do not need your attention anymore. Regardless of their age, your baby still needs to feel loved and cared for by their parents, especially their mother.

This is the Importance of Quality Time with the First Child

Having a second pregnancy when you have a toddler is certainly a challenge in itself because you have to do this while still paying attention to your first child. Not to mention after the second child was born later.

Do not rule out, the older sibling who may not understand what sister means to him will feel jealous when Mother's time and attention is consumed for the younger brother. Therefore, it is important for mothers to tell the older siblings that they will soon have siblings before the birth of their younger siblings, even from the very beginning of pregnancy.

No less important, Mother also has to pay attention to Big Brother. Even though now Mother's attention is divided, remember that Big Brother is the best teacher who taught you to be a mother for the first time. Thank him that this lesson cannot be taken for granted in any class.

Also, realize that even though he is the oldest child, it does not mean that he is an adult and can take care of himself. He is still a child who idolizes his parents and wants love.

Don't let the older siblings seek attention from Mother by behaving naughty, hurting their siblings, or even hurting themselves. This can happen and of course, it will surprise you. However, Mother can avoid it by still dividing time for Big Brother.

Keeping spending quality time for her, such as listening to her chatter or playing with her, can make your brother feel less neglected and isolated. She still gets Mother's attention, doesn't lack love, and feels valued by her existence.

By spending time with Brother, Mother will know what she feels, thinks, and wants. This can also make the emotional bond between Mother and Brother even tighter.

Tips to Make Your Firstborn Happy

The oldest child often carries the burden of being the oldest child. Inadvertently, perhaps the treatment you applied to your first child might make him discouraged and sad. Here are tips for building closeness and building good relationships with your first child:

1. Not demanding much

Even though she will soon have a younger sibling, try not to always command her and demanding her look perfect. Even though he is the eldest son, he is still thirsty for your praise and attention. Therefore, don't forget to give him love, attention, and praise him if he has behaved well.

2. Invite nostalgia with the photo album

Towards the birth of the younger sibling, inviting the older sibling to reminisce with photos or videos while you are taking care of him can be a way so that he doesn't feel left behind. He came to know how Mother and Father used to care for him with great love and understood that after this it was his younger brother's turn.

3. Tell him about the family structure

Telling the mother or father's family structure to your brother can also be done as quality time with him. If you have younger siblings, this can be used as an example for him. Tell Big Brother what you do as a big brother, but without demanding, of course.

4. Involve the Brother in various activities with the younger siblings

If the brother had understood the meaning of her sister, occasionally involve them in caring sister is okay. Later it will be seen whether he is enthusiastic about his younger sibling's presence or not. If he is excited, help him get closer to his younger sibling.

Even though it is not easy to do, you still have to do and try to give attention to your two children fairly. Although it cannot be denied, your focus will be on the newborn sister. However, don't let Big Brother be alone, OK.

Even though he has become an older brother, it does not mean that you can ask him to be more independent, especially if he is still a toddler. Forcing maturity on young children can have an effect on their mental health.

If you feel a drastic or worrying change in behavior in your brother, especially after his younger sibling is born, you should consult a child psychologist to get the right treatment.