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Drinking Pregnant Milk Can Make Your Baby Body Taller, Myth or Fact?

Some pregnant women believe that diligently drinking pregnant milk can not only meet nutritional needs but can also make their babies taller. Is that so? Check out the explanation here.

Pregnant mother 's milk is milk that is specially made to maintain the health of pregnant women and babies. Generally, this type of milk contains calcium, folic acid, protein, vitamins A, C, and D, iron, and fat which is very much needed when you are two.

Pregnant Milk Can Make Babies Taller

Pregnant women need a variety of important nutrients, including vitamins and minerals in large quantities. All of these nutrients can be obtained from nutritious foods, such as fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, seeds, and nuts.

However, not all pregnant women can eat healthy foods easily, especially if they experience severe morning sickness, which makes it difficult to eat.

Well, milk for pregnant women can be relied on at times like this. This type of milk cannot replace the role of healthy food that pregnant women must eat every day, but its presence can complement the nutrition of pregnant women and the fetus.

If the pregnant woman's nutritional intake is sufficient, the process of fetal growth and development will take place well. As a result, babies can reach optimal height or length. So, if you want to have a high baby, pregnant women can consume special milk for pregnant women.

Other Factors Affecting Baby's Height

Although the milk of pregnant women has an influence on the baby's height, there are several other factors that also determine this, namely:

1. Genetics

The height and shortness of a person is greatly influenced by heredity or genetics. If you and your father are tall, or if your extended family tends to have a tall body, chances are that your little one will also be tall.

2. Growth hormone

The pituitary gland in the brain produces a hormone called growth hormone. As the name implies, this hormone is responsible for the growth process. Well, if the levels of this hormone are lacking, the baby's height increase can be hampered.

3. Baby nutrition after birth

Nutrition after birth is as important as nutrition before birth. So, make sure your little one gets the best nutrition from birth, by giving him exclusive breastfeeding.

When your little one is able to eat later, pregnant women must meet their nutritional needs every day with fruit, vegetables, seeds, protein sources, and dairy products if they want them to grow tall.

The assumption that diligently drinking pregnant milk makes the baby's body tall is not a myth. So, pregnant women don't need to hesitate anymore to diligently drink milk.

However, remember, milk for pregnant women should not be the only source of nutrition for pregnant women. Also take advantage of all types of healthy foods that are available to be included in the pregnant woman's daily diet.

In addition to drinking milk for pregnant women and eating nutritious food, pregnant women should not forget to take prenatal vitamins as recommended by the doctor and routinely undergo pregnancy examinations to an obstetrician so that the health condition and growth of the fetus can be monitored properly.