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Is Your Thigh Fat Difficult to Remove? This is The Cause

Excessive thigh fat, making the thigh size look bigger. Of course, this is a problem for most people, especially women. Maybe you are one of the people who often complain about the size of your thighs that are too big. No matter how much you squat or exercise, you will have thigh fat that has accumulated and makes your legs look big.

What is the reason that makes someone - especially women - hard to shrink their thighs? Why is thigh fat difficult to remove?

Thigh fat is a fat reserve owned by women

If you notice, women do tend to have larger thighs and pelvic sizes compared to men. This accumulation of fat at the bottom actually occurs naturally in all women. Hormones that are owned by women, which cause these fats to accumulate. Women have high amounts of the hormone estrogen and this results in women having large thighs, pelvis, and buttocks.

The fat in the thighs, pelvis, and buttocks is a reserve fat that is prepared for conditions when women give birth and breastfeed. So when a woman gives birth and breastfeeding later, she will not lack energy because there is already a sufficient amount of fat in the thighs, pelvis, and buttocks.

So, for those of you women who have excessive thigh fat, don't be ashamed because all women have it and will decrease when giving birth and breastfeeding - even though it doesn't happen to all women.

Why is it hard to get rid of thigh fat?

Not only women who find it difficult to make the size of their thighs look smaller, but men are also like that. There are a number of things that can make you unable to get rid of thigh fat even though you have done a fairly hard sport, namely:

1. Expect too soon with results

Without you knowing it, you become unrealistic and expect to get a small thigh size in just a few sports. Eliminating excessive fat in the body is not an easy thing that can happen just because you visit the gym 3-4 times. Even when you experience weight loss due to doing exercise in a week, the size of your thigh circumference will not immediately change to smaller. Still, the accumulated thigh fat needs more time to be burned.

2. Not choosing the right type of exercise

All types of exercise will indeed make body fat burn, but some sports will use fat as a whole. Therefore, your thigh fat will not immediately decrease even though your weight has decreased.

To get rid of thigh fat, then you have to do some type of exercise that makes the thigh muscles become more active so that it will maximize the burned thigh fat. You can bike, swim, jog, and do squats. Not only that, but you can also provide variations on your squat movements to be more effective in burning thigh fat.

3. Ignoring diet

Even though you have been exercising as hard as possible, your thigh fat will not decrease if your diet is still irregular. A healthy diet is important to help successfully reduce the size of the thigh. Protein is a macronutrient that you need in building muscle.

But be careful with the type of protein you choose, there are also high-protein food sources that contain high fat and this will ruin your plan. Try to eat foods with balanced nutrition and do not forget the source of fiber - vegetables and fruit - in your diet.