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The Right Way to Deal with a Workaholic Partner

Having a workaholic partner can make you feel sad, disappointed, angry, and lonely because you are often neglected. This could just trigger a temptation in your relationship with your partner. In order to keep your relationship harmonious, find out here how to deal with a workaholic partner.

Workaholic or work addiction is a term to describe someone who puts excessive importance on their work, to the exclusion of other aspects of life. Not only are they more often noisy and conflicted, couples, one of whom is a workaholic, are known to have a twofold higher risk of divorce.

Dealing with a Workaholic Couple

Letting out sadness and anger on your partner is not the right way to deal with a workaholic partner. This will only trigger a scene and increase conflict. So that this does not happen, let's apply the right way to deal with the following workaholic partners :

1. Have a heart-to-heart talk with your partner

Talk to your partner honestly about his workaholic attitude, of course, in kind words and a gentle tone, yes. Tell him if you are proud of the hard work he does, but also tell him that you also need his attention and time with him.

You can also remind him about the bad effects of working too often, such as headaches, indigestion, anxiety disorders, depression, even heart disease. Tell him that you will feel very sad if he experiences these bad effects.

A workaholic partner may not realize that he is too busy and you feel lonely. So, you can't expect him to find out what's in your head without you saying it. By talking about what you think, he might be able to better understand your feelings, then find a way out of this problem.

2. Make good use of free time

No matter how busy, he must still have free time, really. So, take advantage of this free time to spend quality time together, not to sulk or find fault with it. Do fun activities, for example, those that fit your hobbies.

You can cook together, have a romantic dinner, play games, watch movies, go to the park, or exercise together. Occasionally you can also schedule a vacation together, such as going to the beach, hiking, or traveling to a recreation area to strengthen your relationship with your partner.

3. Put the cell phones away when you're together

Make an agreement with your partner not to use your phone when you're together, be it for work or browsing social media. This is done so that the moments together with your partner can be more intimate and without interference. Also make sure you obey these rules, yes.

4. Understand the couple's situation

It's only natural that you want to be your partner's priority. Even so, you can't be selfish and push all your will, huh. Start thinking positively that his hard work is also for the welfare of your relationship in the future.

Instead of feeling sad or upset, try to understand what he is doing by giving him encouragement and support, for example by making him a lunch box for the office. In addition, not calling him constantly during working hours can also be a form of support.

Dealing with a workaholic partner is not easy. More patience and understanding are needed so that the relationship can continue to be harmonious.

If you don't feel any change in him even though you have done the methods above, or if you still feel lonely, angry, or sad, try asking your partner to consult a psychologist for advice on how to manage feelings and form an ideal relationship.