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The Importance of Health Insurance for Freelancers

Health insurance is an important form of self-protection for everyone, including freelancers. In addition to reducing medical expenses while sick, health insurance can also help freelancers ' financial conditions in unexpected situations.

Freelancers are workers who are not bound by a contract with the company. This type of work allows someone to work anytime and anywhere, as long as the results of the work can be completed as agreed.

Not a few people are attracted to the world of freelance because this way of working offers freedom. However, unfortunately, freelance work also risks creating an unstable income.

In addition, freelancers generally do not have facilities in the form of health insurance from companies like employees who work full time . So, if a freelancer gets sick or has a work accident, all risks are at your own risk.

Risk of Health Disorders of Freelancers

Working at home with very flexible working hours does not mean that the physical condition of freelancers is much healthier than employees who work full time. Erratic income often makes freelancers force themselves to take too many jobs to ignore their health conditions.

In addition, employees who work in offices have more regular working hours and mealtimes, while working hours for freelancers are unpredictable. This is what can make the freelance worker lifestyles less healthy, making it easier to get sick.

The risk factors for the health problems of freelancers are actually not much different from full-time employees whose majority of activities are sitting at office desks. Working anywhere in a sitting position for long hours can affect the body's work in regulating blood circulation and blood sugar levels.

This puts a person at high risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. In addition, sitting for long periods of time also causes fewer calories to be burned by the body so that the risk of obesity increases.

The work that piles up may also force freelancers to stay up late and not get enough sleep. Fatigue and lack of sleep due to piling up work deadlines can also make freelancers vulnerable to stress.

Unlike full-time workers who can meet work colleagues and participate in office activities every day, freelance workers generally do not interact with other people in their work environment and rarely do social activities. This can add to the level of stress that is already building up from work.

Freelance worker stress and imbalance between work and rest can reduce cognitive abilities, such as thinking, problem-solving, learning, remembering, and making decisions, and can increase the risk of developing chronic diseases.

Insurance Benefits to Support Freelancers' Health

If you are a freelancer with good health conditions and don't have a history of serious illnesses, that doesn't mean you don't need to have health insurance, you know. Especially if you live the lifestyle as described above every day.

Chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, are more common in the elderly. However, it is not impossible for the disease to occur in people who are young and look healthy.

Not only that, unexpected events or illnesses can also occur regardless of a person's type of work, age, and health condition, for example, a traffic accident or disease outbreak, such as COVID-19.

With health insurance, you will be protected if at any time you experience health problems or injuries. Health insurance will make it easier for you to undergo examination and treatment. In addition, the costs incurred will also be lighter because most of them have been covered by health insurance.

Another benefit that you can feel from having health insurance is wiser financial management. With the obligation to pay health insurance premiums regularly, you can be more disciplined in managing your expenses, so that your opinion is not wasted on unnecessary things.

However, don't forget either. Apart from protecting themselves with health insurance, freelancers still need to take care of their health by eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, and getting adequate rest.

If you experience complaints or symptoms of health problems, don't just ignore them even if they feel mild. Consult a doctor for examination and treatment as early as possible.