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4 Benefits of Meditation for Pregnant Women

When pregnant, there are many changes that occur in pregnant women. These changes often make pregnant women feel uncomfortable, both physically and mentally. Now, to overcome this, pregnant women are highly recommended to regularly do meditation.

Meditation can be done alone or as part of yoga. This exercise can help create a harmonious balance between the mind and body of a person, including pregnant women whose physicality and moods often fluctuate.

Meditation is safe for pregnant women to do, and can be done anywhere and anytime. However, if pregnant women want to do meditation as part of yoga, make sure the pregnant woman is in prime condition and the yoga position is safe for pregnant women.

4 Benefits of Meditation for Pregnant Women

Meditation is an excellent exercise to do during pregnancy. There are several benefits that can be gained from regular meditation during pregnancy, including:

1. Increase immunity

Meditation can calm the mind and lower stress levels. This has a very good effect on immunity. Pregnant women need to know that hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can weaken the body's immunity and make pregnant women more susceptible to infection. Therefore, meditation can be very beneficial for pregnant women.

2. Reducing anxiety and depression

Not a few pregnant women experience stress, anxiety, and even depression. Even though when pregnant, pregnant women are not recommended stress because it can have a negative impact on the health of the baby in the womb.

So, so that the mind is calmer, pregnant women are encouraged to do meditation. Regularly practicing meditation has been shown to make a person more focused on the present and ignore the fears and anxieties that interfere with thoughts and feelings.

For pregnant women, this benefit can also change the way they perceive the birth process, which usually seems terrible.

3. Reducing the risk of preterm birth and low birth weight babies

High levels of stress and anxiety in pregnant women are associated with an increased risk of preterm birth or an unhealthy baby, such as low birth weight. By controlling stress and anxiety through meditation, you will also reduce your risk of pregnancy problems.

4. Make sleep better

Many things can make it difficult for pregnant women to sleep, such as leg cramps, nausea, insomnia, having to urinate back and forth, abdominal pain, and heartburn. In fact, getting adequate and quality sleep is necessary for the health of the body of pregnant women and the fetus.

If pregnant women want to sleep well, try to meditate diligently. Besides being able to calm the mind, meditation is believed to increase the hormone melatonin which controls the sleeping pattern of pregnant women, thereby reducing insomnia.

After knowing the benefits of meditation for pregnant women, pregnant women can now start incorporating meditation into their daily schedule. To get the most of your benefits, do this exercise in a quiet place where there is a minimal distraction, such as in a cool yard.

However, pregnant women need to remember, there are several pregnancy conditions that make pregnant women not allowed to do much activity. If pregnant women experience conditions like this, make sure the meditation that pregnant women do does not consist of many movements, especially yoga movements that are quite complicated.

Meditation can really be done with just sitting, or even while lying down. The most important part is to focus your thoughts and control your feelings. To be safer, pregnant women can consult their doctor first about what meditation and yoga positions are safe for pregnant women to do.