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The Natural Way to Grow Your Baby Thick Eyebrows

Thick eyebrows sometimes become a measure of attractiveness, not only for those who have grown up but also for the Little One. Some parents even went to great lengths to care for the "assets" of their babies from an early age.

Unfortunately, not all children are born with thick eyebrows. But you don't need to panic, there is a natural way to thicken your baby's eyebrows using hazelnut. Besides being useful as a spice in cooking, hazelnut turned out to have benefits for growing eyebrows.

As we know, candlenut has ingredients that are useful to grow hair, including eyebrows. Mom, the secret to thickening eyebrows is very simple.

Come on, see the explanation below. 

Candlenut and celery

Mom just prepares the hazelnut. Bake the pecan for a while, then mash until smooth. Squeeze until you get the oil. Apply hazelnut oil on your baby's eyebrows, do it twice a week to get maximum results.

You don't need to worry, this herb is good and safe because it is made from natural ingredients. In addition to using hazelnut, mom can also use celery leaves.

Simply puree the celery leaves and then rub on your baby's eyebrows. Let stand for 15 minutes, then clean the celery leaves. Do it once a week to get good results.

Well, hopefully, this information is useful and your little eyebrow will soon grow. Good luck.