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How to Make Hand Sanitizer from Betel Leaves

Using hand sanitizers is one of the actions that can be taken to prevent transmission of the virus. Because, hand sanitizer is clinically proven to be able to reduce bacteria, germs, and viruses that stick to human hands.

However, the need for this one object seems to be increasing amid the pandemic corona COVID-19 virus that is spreading throughout the world. No need to worry, you can produce your own hand sanitizer using natural ingredients nearby.

Here is how to make a hand sanitizer using betel leaves recommended by Dr. Retno Sari, MSC., Apt, Chair of the Pharmacy Department of the Faculty of Pharmacy UNAIR:

Content in Hand Sanitizer

The discovery of a hand sanitizer that can use natural ingredients such as betel leaves was first examined at the Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, UNAIR in 2006. At that time, bird flu also became a pandemic that spread throughout the world.

In general, hand sanitizers contain more than 70 percent of ethanol compounds. To make a hand sanitizer in general, it's actually easy. However, people will be a little difficult to get these chemicals because of some special conditions that must be considered.

To overcome this, Dr. Retno Sari, MSC., Apt said that betel leaf water as much as 15 percent and above is as effective as 70 percent ethanol to reduce the number of bacteria and viruses.

Meanwhile, betel leaf is an easy material to undergo an oxidation process. To reduce this, the anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial lime juice can be added to the betel leaf water.

Prepare the ingredients

Materials that can be prepared to make natural hand sanitizers are as follows:
  • Betel leaf 50 grams
  • 200 ml hot water
  • 200 ml of clean water
  • Lime 8 ml
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Prepare the tool

The tools you need to prepare to make an economical and easy hand sanitizer are, among others:
  • Stove
  • 2 pans
  • Measuring cup
  • Spray bottles
  • Knife
  • Filter
How To Make Hand Sanitizer From Betel Leaves

In order to optimize the prevention measures to prevent the corona COVID-19 virus, you can immediately make your own hand sanitizer. Here's how to make a hand sanitizer that doesn't take long:
  1. Wash 50 grams of betel leaves thoroughly
  2. Dry betel leaves by aerating
  3. After making sure it is dry and clean, cut the betel leaves into small pieces
  4. Pour 50 g of the leaves that have been cut into small pieces into a pan of 200 ml of hot water
  5. When finished, take another larger pan
  6. Fill the pan with cold water
  7. Place the pan containing the betel leaf marinade in a larger pan
  8. Boil betel leaves in a way like steamed
  9. Use a small fire
  10. Preheat to 90 degrees Celsius
  11. When finished, leave it and wait for up to 30 minutes
  12. After chilling, strain the betel leaf marinade into a measuring cup
  13. Pour betel leaf water to reach 15 percent
  14. Add 8 ml of lime juice
  15. Add enough water
  16. Stir
  17. Pour into a spray bottle
  18. Ready to use
If there are residual materials that can still be reused such as betel leaves or the remaining filter, you should store it in the refrigerator.

Meanwhile, making hand sanitizers using betel leaves can be done at home by not buying and selling. Just make and use this hand sanitizer personally.

Advice from Dr. Retno Sari, MSC., Apt, hand sanitizer cannot be applied to human skin for a long time. Because, prolonged use can cause the skin to become dry, rough, even allergic, and other skin health disorders.