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Benefits of Candle Nut Oil for Skin and Hair

You may have often heard of hazelnut oil. Usually, hazelnut oil is used for healthy hair. Ancient parents may often apply hazelnut oil to their children's hair so that the child's hair becomes black and thick. Nowadays, there are many hair and skin beauty products that contain hazelnut oil. Not infrequently, hazelnut oil is also used as a massage oil. Actually, what are the benefits of hazelnut oil?

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Various benefits of candlenut oil you need to know

Candlenut oil comes from a plant called Aleurites moluccana. These plants from Hawaii are taken from seeds to be used as oil and become hazelnut oil. Candlenut oil has long been used for healthy hair and skin. The following are the benefits of hazelnut oil.

1. Maintain skin moisture

Candlenut contains fatty acids that are then extracted to become hazelnut oil. Because of its ingredients, it is useful for moisturizing dry skin. Candlenut oil can enter and seep into the pores of the skin easily, so it can nourish the skin. The skin becomes smoother and supple. You also don't need to worry that hazelnut oil will leave traces of oil on the skin.

2. Protect skin from the sun

In addition to the content of fatty acids, hazelnut oil also contains various vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. All three of these vitamins can function as antioxidants that can protect the skin from various damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals can be received by the skin from various sources in the environment, such as sunlight, wind, dust, and particles from other environments.

3. Helps heal wounds on the skin

Hazelnut oil is also useful in curing certain skin problems. Like, chapped skin, dry skin, mild skin irritation, wounds, burns, eczema, scars, lesions, zits, and psoriasis. The content of fatty acids and antioxidants in hazelnut oil may help in overcoming these skin problems.

4. Reducing hair loss

Does your hair often fall out in large quantities? Small amounts of hair loss may be common in everyone. However, if hair falls frequently in large quantities, this may be a problem. One way you can do to overcome this is to use hazelnut oil.

Apply hazelnut oil to your hair every day. Candlenut oil is believed to reduce and even prevent hair loss from its roots. The protein and mineral content in hazelnut oil can help strengthen your hair roots. In addition, using hazelnut oil can also accelerate the growth of new hair.

5. Maintain healthy hair and scalp

Hazelnut oil contains amino acids and also fatty acids that can penetrate your hair shaft and scalp. This makes your hair and scalp healthy. Hazelnut oil can make hair look shiny, maintain the original color of the hair, and make hair thicker and smoother. In addition, hazelnut oil can also overcome scalp itching and dandruff.