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7 Benefits of Candlenut for Body Health, Not Just Just a Kitchen Spice

If you hear the word candlenut, you must identify it with herbs that are commonly used in cooking mixes. Candlenut is indeed known as a food flavoring that is often used in Asian cuisine. The high oil content in hazelnut seeds makes it suitable for thickening the food while making it delicious.

Candlenut which is also known as Aleurites Moluccanus or in English is called candlenut grows mostly in tropical and subtropical regions in the world such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Queensland, and some parts of Australia.

Besides being used as a mixture of cooking, processed hazelnut seeds have various other benefits for the body. Hazelnut oil is often associated with health benefits and hair fertility. In addition, there are various benefits of candlenut for the body that can be found. That way, the benefits of hazelnut are not just a complement to food seasonings.

However, please note, if not treated properly hazelnut can be toxic to cause interference with the stomach. What's more, if the candlenut is consumed in a raw state.

Therefore, to be able to enjoy the benefits of hazelnut well you need to process it first before consuming it. You can process it by burning, roasting, taking the oil, or using it as a food seasoning. Here are 7 benefits of candlenut for a healthy body.

Improve the digestive system

Candlenut is a very good source of fiber, therefore it is beneficial for the digestive tract. Consumption of hazelnut regularly can help launch the digestive process with regular bowel movements. This is because the oil contained in the hazelnut acts as a natural mild laxative.

Traditional medicine recommends hazelnut to people who suffer from diarrhea because its fiber content can help change the texture of the stool, which can stop diarrhea.

Candlenut also has antimicrobial properties, and it's no secret that most cases of diarrhea are caused by the consumption of contaminated food and water. In addition, another traditional use of hazelnut is for the treatment of dysentery.

Relieve Fungal Infection

There are several skin disorders caused by fungal infections such as tinea versicolor or ringworm. Fungal infections of the skin may not be dangerous, but it will make sufferers uncomfortable and insecure.

To relieve it, you can apply hazelnut oil to a part of the body infected with the fungus. Do it regularly to get optimal results.

Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease

The benefits of hazelnut can also be used for people whose cholesterol levels are outside the normal range. This is because the content of hazelnut helps increase levels of good cholesterol (HDL or high-density lipoprotein) and helps in the process of reducing levels of bad cholesterol (LDL or low-density lipoprotein)

One of the many nutrients in candlenut is potassium, which is famous for its ability to reduce high blood pressure. The way potassium works is by causing relaxation of blood vessel walls, allowing blood to flow more freely throughout the body system. This can help save the heart from overwork and enlarge.

Overcome Insomnia

Insomnia is a type of disease that makes you unable to sleep soundly. Insomnia is caused by depression, many thoughts, or fear of something.

With processed candlenut, you can overcome insomnia. Candlenut has melatonin which will make you relax and fall asleep fast. The benefits of hazelnut are good for people with bad insomnia.

Free Constipation

Constipation always occurs when a person usually doesn't eat fibrous food. One of the benefits of hazelnut is to break constipation because of its fiber content.

Take 1 piece of hazelnut, 2 onions, 5 grams of pulasari, 10 grams of cinnamon, 30 grams of urang-aring leaves, half a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of fennel, and 800 cc of water.

Blend all ingredients except 800 cc of water until smooth. After that, boil all ingredients with 800 cc of water. Boil until the volume reaches at least 400 cc. Strain and place on the glass. Drink twice a day as much as 200 cc per drink.

Healthy bones and joints

Regular consumption of hazelnut can prevent pain and swell in the joints caused by bone wear. Eating candlenut regularly is also good for keeping bones strong.

According to nutrition experts, phosphorus, which can be found in hazelnut, is also important for bone health and joints. Grilled hazelnut is rich in potassium. Candlenut also contains small amounts of zinc, copper, and selenium.

Help lose weight

Candlenut contains a lot of protein. For this reason, eating hazelnut can help build muscle. The benefits of hazelnut are indeed ideal for people trying to lose weight.

This is because of the muscle-building protein possessed by these hazelnut seeds. The bigger the muscle, the faster the metabolism progresses. In addition, protein is a nutrient that can help the body burn lots of calories because it can be an extra challenge for the digestive tract to be digested.