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Twelve proven fast-paced maternity ways

Pregnancy is a gift for every married couple, but not all lucky couples can get pregnant after marriage. In the medical, there are many factors that can make women difficult to conceive. Nevertheless, there is a fast-paced pregnancy that proves to be powerful and you can try at home.

For a newly married couple, the chance of a woman to get pregnant in every buothing is 25%. But this opportunity will increase if you have sex with your partner while in the fertile days. Because when it is fertile, the ovulation will release one egg. To find out when the fertile period is, you can read it on how to calculate the fertile period of women after menstruation.

Things to avoid to get pregnant in two months

Nowadays, we do not need to doubt the sophistication of the medical world in overcoming all the things that exist in human life and one of them is pregnancy. But in addition to conducting medical treatment and examination to the doctor, you can also apply some easy ways to quickly conceive the following:

1. Change Lifestyle pattern

For those of you who want to get pregnant quickly after getting married, you will have a healthier lifestyle. Because this healthy lifestyle can help you to get pregnant faster, here is an explanation:

Regular exercise
Conducting regular exercise every day will make the fertility rate increase for men and women. But the intensity of the sport is not excessive because it will adversely affect.

Healthy food consumption
In addition to conducting regular exercise, consuming healthier foods is also mandatory to do so quickly to conceive. Because some nutrients that exist in foods can improve fertility in the body.

Always keep the cleanliness
Maintaining hygiene every day, such as keeping the cleanliness of the food you will consume is also mandatory for you to get pregnant after marriage.

2. Do not consume foods that contain listeria

It is true if you want to get pregnant and also avoid some foods, one of which is to reduce food intake containing listeria.  Listeria is a harmful bacteria and is usually found in meat ready to eat, unpasteurized dairy products and soft cheeses.

The condition of pregnant women is very different from healthy adults, because if consuming foods that contain listeria will usually cause an effect as quickly fall ill as much as 20 times greater.

So for those of you who are in the process of getting pregnant fast should be vigilant, this is because the infection caused by listeria or more often called listeriosis can cause a miscarriage in the early first trimester, even before you know you are pregnant.

3. Reduce certain habits in life

In planning your pregnancy, you and your partner are obligated to reduce or stop some of the bad things you've previously done. Such bad habits are:

Stop Smoking
Smoking is not only harmful to the health of the body, but it can also inhibit pregnancy. Because the content in cigarettes can trigger a decrease in fertility quality that will make you difficult to get pregnant.

Reduce consuming caffeine
In addition to quitting smoking, reducing or stopping caffeine intake is also mandatory for you to get pregnant quickly. Because excess caffeine can also trigger a decrease in fertility levels in both men and women.

Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages
The habit of consuming all kinds of alcoholic beverages can also be the cause of difficult pregnancy. Therefore you and your partner should avoid consuming drinks containing alcohol while preparing pregnancy.

Limit foods containing vitamin A
For every spouse who wants to get pregnant fast, it is good to restrict in consuming the type of food that has vitamin A content is quite high like chicken liver.

Limit in consuming meat and half-cooked eggs
Meat or eggs that are still half-cooked sometimes still contain bacteria, viruses and also parasites that are very harmful to health and fertility. Therefore, avoid consuming meat and eggs that are still half-cooked when planning a pregnancy.

4. Avoid stress

The thing that you must and should avoid when planning a pregnancy is stress. Because if you experience prolonged stress will make ovulation (release of egg) you are interrupted. And your pregnancy process is hampered, and makes you difficult to conceive.

So if you want to get pregnant immediately, the thing that you must do is to live your life in a relaxed, enjoy your day, enjoy the sexual intercourse you are doing with your beloved partner. Don't really think about the people's waffle, which is usually one of the stress triggers it pops up. And don't worry too much about whether it is successfully pregnant or not. Because most importantly, keep trying and also do not be tired to keep praying.

5. Do not use grease to the vagina

If you want to get pregnant in 2 months do not forget to avoid some things, such as the use of lubricant to the vagina when having sexual intercourse with my beloved husband. Because the use of the lubricant will not help the sperm move quickly, if you think so, it is very wrong.

The use of lubricants can also impede your efforts to get pregnant quickly.  The cause in most lubricants contained a formula that can alter the PH balance in the vagina and instead will make the mobility of the sperm become reduced.

So if you want to use lubricant during sexual intercourse should first ask a doctor. And ask the doctor if there is a fertility-friendly lubricant that you can use if you are in contact. To avoid the negative effects of these lubricants.

Tips to quickly get pregnant after marriage

To get pregnant in 2 months, maintaining a healthy and clean lifestyle is one of the keys that you have to apply. But in order to be even more maximized, you are also obliged to do the following:

1. Find out when the fertile period

Knowing when your fertile period is also a key for your pregnancy process can be fruitful. Because even if you have an intimate relationship with your spouse but you do not know when it is fertile, it will make you difficult to conceive. Therefore, know first when the proper fertile period so you can get pregnant quickly.

2. Consumption of folic acid

Attention intake of folic acid intake is also very important for fetal development. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you consume folic acid tablets during pregnancy planning and continuing. Consume approximately three months of early pregnancy. The form of folic acid other than in the form of supplements can also be obtained naturally. Because there are many folic acid content found in vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, green beans and also potatoes. Can also be found in cereals. Because folic acid is indispensable for maintaining the health of the fetus and women it is recommended to consume 400 micrograms of folic acid per day.

3. Having regular sex

Having sexual intercourse with a beloved partner regularly must remain awake. Because the sperm opportunity to fertilize the egg is relatively small, which is approximately 4-5 days ahead of ovulation period. So in this period it is a way to get pregnant quickly, because in some studies it finds that your body often does not process on time such as machinery. In times of ovulation can also be shifted, and it is caused by many factors such as stress and exercise that are too excessive.

And if you have a normal menstrual cycle, ovulation can happen at any time. Therefore, to prevent the risk of the time-off ovulation it is very advisable to do sex regularly at least 3-4 times a week. And you also have to pay attention to the man has enough sperm levels and you and the spouse are not using contraceptives.

4. Routinely consume multivitamins supplements

Lack of nutrient intake such as vitamins and minerals into the body can also be the cause of fertility levels in your body to be reduced. The nutrients we can get from consuming foods such as meats, fruits and also vegetables. But nowadays you can also get the nutrients in the form of capsules or supplements that have been sold freely in pharmacies.
In a study, fulfilling the daily nutritional needs of the body such as vitamins and minerals can routinely improve health and fertility for both men and women. Therefore, consuming vitamins for fast pregnancy is also an option that you can do.

5. Find out when the right sex time

In a relationship marriage to the wedding is very recommended to immediately experience the pregnancy. And you need to know the time the shagging should be at the right time will usually yield results. Like having sex in the fertile period of your cycle.

As well as when you have sexual intercourse before bedtime do not forget to make sure when the release of sperm occurs you must remain lying afterward, it is so that the sperm is flooded in the vagina and the sperm can join the ovum in your uterus.

6. Don't worry about orgasms

At the time related known term orgasm. Orgasms are the pinnacle of enjoyment and feel satisfaction from intercourse.  But when you try to get pregnant, you usually have little or no attention to this.

But sometimes it is thought that the occurrence of orgasms when related can increase the ability to attract more sperm into the vagina and the uterus is not yet proven. Because it is a theory that does not have scientific evidence.

So while you're in the body, try to relax, and enjoy every second, let your husband feel the tranquility in order to get your sperm out later to meet your ovum. This is a fast natural conceiving way in 2 months or less.

7. Always health and immunization checks

Here's what you should do if you want to get pregnant quickly after marriage is to have your health checked and blood test. This is done in order to determine the possible illness that reduces the success of pregnancy or diseases that are harmful to the fetus, such as hepatitis B, HIV, and syphilis. And make sure you are to get rubella or measles immunization to avoid the emergence of infected risks later.

Indeed, not all couples are lucky to get pregnant in the first month of marriage, because there are some couples who have to be willing to wait months to be pregnant. But you should not be discouraged although until now you have not been in the gift of a baby. Keep trying diligently, always keep a living pattern, health check to the doctor and do not forget to pray to God. Maybe that's a few quick pregnant ways that prove potent and good luck. So many information can be given, hopefully can give a useful information for all. Thanks.