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The Amazing Benefits of Taking Vitamin C

As it is known that Vitamin C is considered one of the best and safest nutrients. Along with treating flu symptoms, it helps improve the immune system, to overcome cardiovascular disease and even skin related problems. This adequate level of vitamin C is considered beneficial for our overall health. This vitamin C can be consumed abundantly by consuming fruits and vegetables. Those who do not get enough vitamin C from fruits and vegetables can meet the deficiency by taking Vitamin C supplements. However, these supplements must be consumed in limited quantities.


Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for the health of body tissues. The presence of vitamin C in the body plays several important roles such as absorption of iron, formation of collagen, improving the immune system, effectively healing wounds and maintaining cartilage, teeth and bones.

Vitamin C contains antioxidants that protect our bodies from free radical damage.

However, Vitamin C is spelled out not to be consumed in large quantities, which is more than 2,000 milligrams a day. This can result in conditions such as diarrhea or stomach pain.

And vitamin C deficiency is very rare. Malnourished adults are people who are usually deficient with Vitamin C. With this lack of Vitamin C can cause a condition such as scabies, which makes the body weak and anemic.


1. Stress

Studies show that this Vitamin C can help people who have a weak immune system because they are somewhat stressed. In addition, people who consume excessive alcohol, will experience obesity or regular smokers tend to lack of vitamin C and Vitamin C can help to reduce stress.

2. Cold Flu

This Vitamin C can effectively help prevent symptoms of conditions such as colds and flu. Taking vitamin C can prevent colds and flu from worsening and turn into more severe illnesses such as pneumonia or other infections.

3. Stroke

People who have a good amount of vitamin C have a lower risk of stroke. And people who eat these fruits and vegetables have a high content of Vitamin C in their blood.

4. Skin Aging

By consuming Vitamin C or having the amount of Vitamin C in your body it can help to reduce the possibility of wrinkles and dry skin. Vitamin C can also help to reduce inflammation, improve muscle degeneration and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and even cancer.


This orange is one of the rich sources of Vitamin C. In addition, broccoli, potatoes, strawberries, sweet potatoes, green vegetables, mangoes, papayas, watermelons, cauliflower, red peppers, cabbage and pineapple are rich sources of Vitamin C.

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