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Natural Ways to Overcome Eye Fingers Easily

As it is known that in the wider community, the pimply eyes are considered as a result of peeping habits, but not really, the pimply eyes are caused by a bacterial infection that grows and develops at the root of the hair on the eyelashes. Twintles, also known as medical hordeolum, usually appear gradually in a few days. There are bumps that appear in the form of bumps on the eyelids, but there are also those that feel painful and even reddish in color.

Everything depends on the severity of the infection that occurs. When a pimple appears on the eyelid, usually your eyes will feel runny and a little sore so you are tempted to do activities such as rubbing your eyes with your hands. This is certainly certainly very annoying because you will feel uncomfortable, especially when flashing. In some cases, this stinging on the eye can make you more sensitive to light.

In addition, this small eye is not a serious disease. Usually the symptoms will subside independently over a period of a week or so. Also avoid squeezing stubs because it can actually cause other problems in the eye. C'mon, let's try natural ways to deal with strep disease in your eyes.

Natural Ways to Overcome Eye stye

Diligent Cleaning Eyes With Clean Water

Try to regularly clean the eye area by using clean water. You can also use soap or shampoo that is made from soft ingredients. For example like baby soap or shampoo, which contains ingredients that are more natural and gentle. Close your eyes and gently clean the eyelids that occur, then then massage and rinse with clean water.

Warm water compress

This one method is fairly well known for a long time to get rid of small eyes. Prepare a soft cloth that has been soaked in warm water (and not too hot, but it should be much warmer than room temperature). Compress your round eyes for about fifteen minutes to up to twenty minutes. You can also repeat this compress three to four times a day until the sting is removed. In addition, this warm compress can help to expel pus on the nodules that naturally so that the infection does not spread.

Applying Aloe Vera

This aloe vera is one of the solutions that is quite effective to get rid of small eyes. Aloe vera is rich in ingredients such as minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and various other compounds that function as analgesics or pain relievers, antibacterial and antiviral.

Prepare aloe vera leaves and split to take from the sap or mucus with a cotton bud. Then then, apply the sap of the aloe vera on the bumps that appear in the eyelids. You can apply it several times a day until the infection decreases or is eliminated.

Compress With Tea Bags

Spelled out compress green tea or momil tea turned out to be the most effective way to deal with stiff eyes. This is because green tea and chamomile tea have antibacterial functions that can reduce infections. Soak your celu tea bag in hot water for about three minutes.

Then lift the tea bag and leave it until the temperature decreases (but still warm) and the rest of the water has seeped out so that the tea compress will not be too wet the eyes. Compress the narrow eye for about fifteen minutes and repeat this compress several times a day.

Use Coriander Leaves

Coriander leaves are effective as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral so that the eye stool caused by dirt and bacteria will disappear faster. By cleaning the stubby eye using cilantro it turns out to be effective to relieve infection and swelling. Blanch a pinch or one teaspoon of coriander leaves with half a cup of water.

And then drain and wait until it feels a bit cold. After that, rub the cilantro on the bloated eye. To cure the stiff eyes faster, you can also directly to drink the coriander leaf boiled water.

Use Salt Water 

It turns out that this salt has a content of magnesium and other minerals that are quite effective for conquering bacteria. Even this material is often used as a natural antiseptic, dissolve salt in warm water and stir until evenly distributed. Then dip a soft cloth or cotton swab in the brine solution and place it on the bloated eye that is like a compress. Let it sit for about fifteen to twenty minutes and repeat until the bumps subside.

As much as possible Avoid the use of contact lenses and cosmetics

It is important to avoid the use of contact lenses during stiff eyes, as a substitute it is better to use glasses first because a bacterium from these stubs can move to the contact lens and spread the infection. As long as a pimple occurs, avoid it as much as possible for habits or activities that might be at risk of causing additional infections.

Including using excessive cosmetics. This activity is somewhat feared to be able to channel more bacteria into the eye, especially if your cosmetics and makeup equipment are rarely cleaned.

Those are some natural and simple ways you can do at home. This whistling is indeed a serious disease, however, this condition can interfere with daily activities. If the natural brightening eye drug mentioned above does not immediately help alleviate your condition, the bint will last for several days and become more painful or enlarged, immediately contact your doctor for a more in-depth treatment. may be useful.

Thus we can inform you about the  Natural Ways to Overcome the Eye of the Bintitan Easily that may be able to provide useful information for all. Thank you