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Allergy? Try Overcome With These Natural Ingredients

It is said that almost all of the majority of people have allergic cases and when the allergy recurs or relents it will be very unpleasant, of course, certainly because it can interfere with your activities in everyday. This allergy can also cause sneezing, hives, nausea, and skin rashes. Therefore, let's use the following natural ingredients to overcome these allergies.

How to Overcome Allergies with Natural Ingredients


If you have an allergy to dust, mites, pollen or other triggers that might cause a respiratory distress, this pineapple can be the solution. This is because pineapple is the only source of natural bromelain compounds.

Bromelain itself functions as a relieve respiratory problems due to allergies such as colds, difficulty breathing, and nasal congestion. This compound is also quite effective for treating inflammation as in the case of asthma and eczema (atopic dermatitis).


A content of probiotics in yogurt is fairly good for overcoming a cold allergy. Good bacteria in yogurt will help to boost the immune system. Not just launching a respiratory tract, yogurt is also very helpful for you to keep away a virus and other bacteria that may easily enter when experiencing cold allergies.

Apple Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a natural food allergy remedy that can help fight many of the symptoms of food allergy. And apple cider vinegar can also help restore some of the nutrients in the body, which in turn regulates an immune response. In addition, apple cider vinegar can actually help to restore the alkaline pH in the body.

Ways to use apple vinegar to deal with food allergies, are as follows:
Add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of warm water.
Mix it with one teaspoon of honey and one tablespoon of lemon juice.
Drink the mixture two or three times a day and drink it until you feel better.

Guava beans

According to a naturopathic expert Dr. Carolyn Dean, a vitamin C is effective in preventing body cells from producing histamine. Histamine itself is a natural substance produced with the immune system when you are exposed to allergens. And this histamine can make you itch, hives, sneezing or nausea. Guava has a property as a natural allergy remedy. This is because guava is rich in vitamin C.


By mixing honey with warm water is quite effective to ward off cold allergies and relieve nasal congestion. Although actually there is no scientific research that states that honey can reduce an allergy. However, this natural ingredient is very effective and useful for eradicating various diseases. A body's defense system can get stronger if given this honey.


This ginger is effective enough to treat various digestive discomforts associated with food allergies. Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties can reduce a digestive spasms, nausea, vomiting, digestive disorders and diarrhea.

There are several ways to use this ginger as a natural allergy medicine, which is as follows:

The first way is to drink ginger tea. For how to make this ginger tea by putting a few pieces of ginger into two cups of boiling water, after that leave for about ten minutes, then do the filtering and add just enough honey to add taste.

The second way is to mix one teaspoon of ginger juice with honey. Eat each before meals to improve your digestion.


This spinach is a vegetable with high magnesium levels. This magnesium can help to relax the muscles in the respiratory tract. This serves to prevent an asthma attack that is triggered by allergies.

Salt Potion

Some experts have found that this saltiness can cure a cold allergy and free you from a blocked nose. You don't need to drink salt water. You only need to breathe the vapor released from the brine.

For this reason, prepare a basin or an open container filled with hot water and add salt. Usually the salt used is salt for therapy that is available at drug stores or it can also be salt that is not sodium. After that, inhale the smoke coming out of the mixture.

Green tea

This green tea is one of the best natural treatments for treating stomach symptoms associated with food allergies. In addition, this allergy drug also has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties. In addition, this green tea can also help your digestive system which is useful as well as increasing the immune system.

The ways that can be done to make this allergy drug by using green tea, namely as follows:

  • Put one to two teaspoons of good quality green tea in a cup and pour hot water over it.
  • Cover and leave for a few minutes.
  • Filter for the tea, then add a little honey and lemon to taste.
  • Drink three to four cups of green tea throughout the day.

Bombay onion

An allergy expert Dr. William Silvers has explained that the content of bioflavonoids in onions is able to stabilize body cells that react excessively when exposed to allergens. Add this onion to your cooking to relieve an allergic symptom.

Castor oil

Castor oil is another useful alternative treatment. That is because its usefulness is somewhat able to increase a strength and knowledge of peru to various foods. This natural remedy is also able to relieve digestive discomfort associated with food allergies.

The way to use castor oil is as follows:

  • Mix about half a teaspoon of castor oil in a glass of fruit juice, vegetable juice or plain water.
  • Drink it on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Use this medicine every day for several days until the condition improves.


One of the foods that is said to contain vitamin E in this high dose is a quince (sunflower seed). A diet rich in vitamin E content is capable of alleviating inflammation caused by allergens.

The antioxidants in this cupboard also help prevent cell damage from excessive histamine production. However, be careful if you happen to have a grain or beans allergy. The protein in this drawer may look like your allergy trigger.

There are many things that trigger allergies arise, you try to prevent allergies so that allergies are spelled out not appear at a time that might be able to disrupt your daily routine. Drink water regularly, so that the body remains hydrated, avoid consuming a cold food and drink.

The cold feeling from these foods alone can sometimes trigger allergies. For mild skin reactions that accumulate, take a shower or compress with cold water. Use clothes that are soft and do not irritate the skin. I hope this review can be useful.

Thus the information we can provide about  Allergies? Try Overcome With Natural Materials that might be able to provide useful information for everyone. Thanks.